Freehold titles V's leasehold titles

Enlightened talkers and surveyors in the house, is there possibility of changing the leasehold titles to freehold. What are the pros and the cons of developing leasehold plots. ? Apart from paying the county rates, what happens when the lease expires. When do you start paying the rates. Let’s say for instance that the lease goes for 99 years. ? Was interested with one local plot but discovered that the title is of leasehold thus the fear.

When the lease expires some goons will change into their name and destroy your home then sonko will come to the rescue and call the destroyer and threaten him menacingly and meaninglessly then send to people via whatsapp ndio tumtambue then the nlc will open investigations and after all this you’ll still be homeless.
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What i read…
Freehold titties and leasehold titties

Asante kwa kunimalizia bandwith…


@Ubongo you cannot change leasehold title to a freehold. Pros it is still a piece of land like any other and you can do whatever you want on it. Cons you will need to pay annual rates and rent to the county government. When the lease expires you will renew it. You will be given the higher priority for renewal before than any other person due to the investment that you have already made on it. The rates are paid annually coinciding with the calendar year. You should only fear if you don’t have information!


Thanks for the information