freedom of expression

of lately, Facebook has been deleting people’s comments and giving “restriction” warnings. I have already been given two warnings and the third will result in being “blocked” . I had said nothing wrong, just expressing my views on muslim-christian marriages and another one was about LGBTQ+. What is the agenda of “big social media?”

In short unaambiwa mind your business and stop poking your nose into other people’s social life.

it was on a public platform and i was just giving my honest opinion by commenting. I attacked one in particular.

Have you been living under a rock?:smiley: Didn’t you see what they did to Trump, these leftist thought police? Trump would make a statement and CNN would immediately hit pause to do a “fact check.” Mind you, Biden is not subjected to the same rules despite making tons of errors in his speeches (more like garbled gibberish). The latest development in Sleepy Joe’s admin is talk of appointing of a “reality czar” whose main responsibility will be “countering disinformation.” Just imagine, the most sacred place of a man/woman is the mind and they want to tell you how to think. We’re living in Orwellian times so tread carefully or you could find yourself in very hot soup. Keep all anti-mainstream ideas to yourself.

Ulienda uko kushout ghey ghey ghey like a ghey moron that you are? Huko si Kenytalk

sjw lynch mob got big tech shaking…

:D:D:D abanto abasensi bosa pii

mlishangilia wakimnyoa stable genius, bila kujua next ni nyinyi


Maybe those that you were against reported you to Zukabaga

big tech ni leftists .Don’t offend their sensibilities ama they deplatform you