Freedom convoy has taken over the capital of Canada.

Trudeau is hiding in the U.S.

The leftist media has refused to cover the protests so police are releasing statements such as this warning people to stay but instead the people are coming to join the protestors :


Na bado truckers wengine wako njiani wakikuja to take over the city. Ottawa is now officially MAGA territory.




CNN is displeased with the desecration of Canadian monuments. :rolleyes:

In 2020 they were in support of desecration of U.S monuments.

Freedom supporters placed a flag and roses on the tomb of the fallen soldier, hio ndio wanaita desecration.

Meanwhile ni mbwe mbwe tu :

You wont see this on CNN :



The liberals akina @Electronics4u are really triggered. :D:D:D


Kaumbwa kalikuwa kana support war between Russia na Ukraine. Ndio kafunikie issues supporting common mwananchi. Lakini Russia saw the plot. Next ni pale london BJ kakimbizwe.
Biden tuta kasamehea tunaweka kakimbiza kakufe na heart attack.

Never agreed with team kujitharau like OP…but hii protest ni tamu…that’s how you make UK shake in KE…protest imeenda shule…Tradeau(sp) has no option

All Liberals should be routed out