Free, White and 21: The Buried Catchphrase of Classic Hollywood

“Free, white, and 21” appeared in dozens of movies in the ‘30s and ‘40s, a proud assertion that positioned white privilege as the ultimate argument-stopper. It was a catchphrase of the decade, as blandly ubiquitous as any modern meme. A time when people admitted their privilege

That is white pride. This is black pride.

How can u be proud of a failure

:D:D:D. Kuwa serious kwani codeine imeshika hii morning

It seems the best of times for white Americans were before 1965. After 1965 these are the things have been happening to white Americans ; birthrates have plummeted, drug abuse shot up, homosexuality and abørtion rose, suicide rose.
And now in the black lives matter era where blacks are pushing for even more rights it will end up sinking more and more whites.
The sins of the father shall be visited upon the sons.
They will wish they listened to the great NOI leader Elijah Mohammed.