Free music streaming/download app for Android and PC

The app is called Freezer its a pirated version of Deezer. Here’s how to set it up.

1st step. Go to Freezer Releases Telegram channel and download the latest Android or PC version.

2nd step. Go to on your PC and create a free account and make sure you’re signed-in for the next step.

3rd step. Right-Click and Inspect Element, go to Application Tab and look for the Arl section to copy the arl token.

Final step. Find a way to get the arl to your phone then open the Freezer app and choose ‘‘Login using token’’ and paste the arl token there.

Enjoy streaming and downloading songs and albums. I recommend paying for the official version if you dont mind.

Mimi kama peasant siwezi lipia kitu if i can get it for free.

Pros: Free Pirated Deezer with ability to download

Cons: Can only Stream/Download MP3 128Kbps or 320Kbps no Flac anymore. it used to be available though. You’ll also need to update the arl token every 2months or so cause deezer changes them.

If you are not paying for it, then you are the product. Enjoy having your devices captured for mining purposes…na si Bitcoin tu.

Sija notice kama phone imekua slow au battery ku isha haraka tangu niweke so niko sawa tu

Whatever happened to downloading youtube video to mp3? Quality is good of not better

This here is where i stopped reading. Kama sio Google play siweis na siwesss