FREE Advice To Ruto: Just Lower Electricity Costs, NET Cascading Effect Will Be Increased Manufacturing, More Jobs, Lower Inflation

Most of Kenya’s electricity is from renewable sources. Hydro, Geothermal and Wind. Diesel based power stations only provide a small fraction to the national grid.

GoK should intervene and bring down the cost of power, this will attract manufacturers who had relocated to Ethiopia, Egypt.

What makes you Jambazi cares about peasants and their problems :D:D

After kutoa tax ya private jets next atatoa ya yachts.

Halafu ukumbuke he was proposing a model of consumers subsidizing manufacturers’ cost of electricity.

Kwa hivyo matajiri (factory owners) ndio mnasubsidize when you pay more. Who owns factories? The elite.

Industrial lathe machine yangu iko down. Stima onge. Now you are talking. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

zimekuwa frequent ata some days you close up shop early… jambass is useless… sahii nalipa double rates za last year

True, power trips every night between 7pm and 9pm.

1000 bob and 660 goes to taxes. 340 is what remains

coal is the answer

We should do a pipeline to TZ and bring gas tuweke massive Power Plant at the Coast.

Then we also sign longterm deals with Qatar tuweke massive LNG storage at the coast na power plant next to it.

The massive SEZ in Mombasa will spring to life.

Then we do agressive Hydro including small hydro and coal ya like 2000Mw.

If prices are around 8 bob a kWh we will be competitive sana.

Kitui has so much potential ya Cement and steel but Ujinga inawahold back. Inataka single minded leaders kuwakomboa