Fred the Red


nimeclick nikifikiri ni kitu yaa maana kumbe…:smiley:

Pole MTU wa Chelsea. Mtangonja kwanza kuona kama Abromovich is interested in staying or selling the club before players can be signed.

Meanwhile our midfield has gotten better and now Pobga can play at the box not further than that.

I’m very happy with this signing actually. He has potential to be a great player. I just hope he ends up working in Mourinhos system, I would be absolutely unmotivated of watching any football if he becomes another Lindelöf.

am more concerned about retaining Martial. should be top priority, will be very disappointed if he leaves.

Lindelof had a poor first six months. Costed us the game against Brighton. Dug deep, spent more time in training and had a good six months after. Infact I want to see him challenge more for no. 5 currently held by Smalling and Jones.

He has to step up. Its that simple. On contract he has two more years with us before he can leave. Martial is good with the ball on his feet. He has potential to make that no. 11 his for a decade. However without the ball he is useless. He just stands at the centre circle awaiting the ball to be passed to his feet. Sanchez makes an impact with or without the ball. Without it he is back following the right back chasing the ball or covering spaces. That’s what Martial needs to learn. Lastly Martial has two great games, the third is simply horrible. That’d why in first half of the season he was been rotated with Rashford after every two games. Two games starting and the next two games coming on as a impact substitute. I believe we should revisit that order. Let Sanchez shift to the right wing like he did in Udinese and rotate with Lingard.

Replacement ya Carrick ama

Yes he replaces Carrick. Fellaini is out of contract in 7 days. It will be interesting to see who is his replacement at well.