Fred Gumos in-law kidnapped in Muthaiga Estate

Jacinta Bwire was being driven by her driver Willis Otieno in Fred Gumos car on Muthaiga drive. A double cabin vehicle pulled up alongside and armed assailants jumped out. They were dragged from their vehicle and have been missing for the last 2 days. Fred Gumo spotted his car on the way home and found it’s engine still running. Their phones have been dead since.


Political motive?

Weak insticts on the kidnapped driver’s part.

With his huge powerful SUV, I believe he could have rammed the double cabin immediately he saw it start the suspicious move of cutting them off that late in the night. He would have shoved it aside and took off.

Someone I know narrated how he did this on the Southern bypass at night. Immediately they noticed a speeding pickup pull beside them and the people inside had guns drawn, he did the pit manoeuvre on it (he slightly rammed it at the rear wheel area as it pulled ahead of him and started turning in). It went rolling into the bushes. They did not stop.

No they hijacked themselfus wakaenda kujienjoy

What could be the reason for this?

Very good question but wrong audience. We are just clueless pussy buyers kule downtown and we interchange it with jaba kwa base, makali na chasers

Gumo is a theif and a killer himself so wapambane na hiyo hali yao mpya.

A bwire guy was a terrorist, convicted sentenced and he served his time in jail. He was released from jail last week.

His family went and picked him from jail, he alighted in Nairobi but didn’t proceed to home.

His family members + lawyers have been kidnapped. The video you saw along globe roundabout that was Bwire family.

They say police are kidnapping the family + lawyer to get information of where Bwire is.

Bwire mother is sister to Gumos wife.

If this is true, then its very sloppy of them. If they really were not happy with Bwire’s release, they should never have let him out of their sights once he was let free. These guys have the people and the resources to surveil anyone 24/7.

Huyo wangemchukua hapo nje ya courtroom tu. All these other drama would not be necessary.

Who saw?leta link buana


He was sentenced to life sentence but the court set him free. ATPU haitaki hiyo upuzi kabisa. Before the end of the week atakuwa amekula copper. ATPU are bad news. A Zoomalian akikukosea muambie utamuitia ATPU uone vile anaenda Mogadishu.

We are about to overtake South Africa & Columbia. Uhuru amefanya kazi buana.

mbona hawakupita na yeye nje ya courtroom

ATPU are bad news, and they’re protected by very strong powers kama CIA na the likes.

They are avoiding riots na kelele mingi. If you remember kitu 2012, both Sheikh Rogo and Makaburi were shot dead in public. One of them, I think Makaburi was shot dead hapo nje ya Shanzu law courts. In both cases Muslim youth rioted and there was a lot of public attention. Since then they changed tactics so siku hizi you just disappear.

kuna siku hapo thika, ama ni kikuyu, sikumbuki, ilikuwa grace nzioka akiwa magistrate - aliwachilia kajamaa. Kakienda kutoka itiko, karao alikuwa anamgoja hapo nje ya courtroom akashika hako kajamaa majeki ati re-arrest. :D:D ile kunguruma grace nzioka alinguruma, huyo beast aliingiza mkia katikati ya miguu, like the dog that he is…karibu ajikojolee… kajamaa kalienda kakibounce, kakiendanga :D:D

We have to protect ourselves from these terrorists by whatever means.
If we are not careful the guys can use WMD against us, like a nuclear bomb or some kind of toxic gas.
It’s either we finish them or they will maliza us.

I agree. I am a believer of due process but have very little sympathy for terrorists and their ilk, esp born and bred Kenyans who support Al shabbab and are very willing to kill their own.

Judiciary are so entranced with their vision that they cannot see the errors they are creating