Freaky Friday -Pink hndles

As I promised @Reyrey :)today being a Friday I will post a thread for the pink handles in the house. One of my close relatives (X)recently separated from the hubby due to many issues. She got married early @17, he was her first and only in 20 yrs .

From where I come from the behind is not one of our strongholds so we try to make up with att and adventure, so X would wear shorts , leso with nothing on ,try and introduce new tricks in the bedroom. At one time when they went for a drive near a forest . She wanted to gt kinky in the forest , but from the backlash of “ bibi hafanyangi vitu kama hizo za maraya’’ she held back all the adventure.One her biggest regrets during marriage.

This reminded me of my college days when Njeri, Chukua ( we called her that since she would expose half of her double D tatas and free drinks would flow), and me went to coast for an educational trip. On Thursday afternoon , the two jumped the villa’s wall and went to the beach . I dnt know how they convinced a stranger on the beach to be generous coz they came back with a mzinga n blunts. Later that night Chukua was missing , we looked for her everywhere . Unknown to us she was making out just behind the villa with the lecturer(who was the rugby coach as well). She could hear our distorted conversation as we made drunk chapos:D:D:D:D . The gallivanting proceeded to the beach, she later came back…at 1 am we jumped the wall again passed through Pirates and went to Mtwapa.

Back to college for our final summers, Chukua and me took too many on a certain Thursday. She went to sleep , so I took her programming project to the lecturer since it was due. I went to his house , we had a very strict/formal rship with him…the kane extras in my head told me to wink at him as I left. Hu hu how fast he came from the sofa, lifted me up in the air I will never know:p:p:p…this was my chance of going the whole 10 yards. I have to go for a teleconferencing meeting :D:D naja kumalizia…

To the pink handles so what are your stories of how you held back or were adventurous and let the freak in you rule… @mona_lisa , @Guru, @spax ,@Nananimpa, @Chloe, @Supu don, @Joel @MaryJane @Female Perspective @[SIZE=4]Mrs4thletter @Lisamarie @ladyp @Phenomenal Woman[/SIZE]

PS: Will post the pics for pink handles treat later


Miraa yangu nimebuy wholesale inafika 2pm

Na sichoshi


[li][ATTACH=full]66968[/ATTACH] [/li][/ul]


Ulisomea USIU sindio? If so nakujua.

Is this hekaya about X, you or Chukua?

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Sijasoma yote. Lol


Sikujua watu wa USIU walikuwa na summers hapa Afrika na si wengine tukakaushwa!


Bingwa si ucomment na handle moja.


Wapi cummin or going na kamboolshiet aka horus na kabuda kwa hii line up?

Maliza hekaya!


Ehe endelea :slight_smile:

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[SIZE=1]pinkies wafunguke, I am hungry and thirsty [/SIZE]

Am back …in the process of kissing and him walking my head hit the bedroom door . I was like WTH was I doing , I got down,took my tshirt on
the floor and left. Chukua and me laughed about it later on, kesho is the lecturer’s sister wedding …you never know :D:D:D:D:p:p:p

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Both 3 of us :D:D


amesahau pia gio raphael, liberty na mnusa ngodha culture

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Lol…kama @Nananimpa amepotea ni kama amekimbizwa na mwizi


ni USIU au ni Baraton?

he he weka mbica hapa I promise I will tell another hekaya, of swinging with a sweater kwa pole at a certain villa club:oops::oops::oops:


Yawa nini hii :D:D:D:D

Nimepost… that junk ya huyo mkisii singewezaa :(:p:p:p

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[SIZE=1]Mee too![/SIZE]