Freakazoid ( Screwplus)

Your gifs makes reading posts of other ktalkers difficult to read coz it keeps on flashong and cuts threads. Any talker experience this?

His English makes it difficult for guys to read his posts.

That what happens when high school kids have access to the internet

Learn when to use the ignore button.

Nuff said.
I can now officially close the thread.

Anyone who uses that button needs to leave both the Internet and earth altogether. It’s a pussy move!

is this still a thing now…and next
fuck- you bet me to it dumb asses can’t even quote me right

:eek::eek::eek:. I have unblocked you.

Your pussy is big.
yall can’t speak english for shit…

Screwplus hujiongelesha. Sijui mbona hamjawahi gundua.

Ignore the idiot :D:D:D:D


BUt am the one to gossip about …ain that right

he is a very very very stupid man if he qualifies to be called a man.anyway vile @4makind amesema

The coolest cat is always hated.

Ignore the fucker. Life gets better. Mimi alinifika mwisho. Stupid idiot

But you saw my name on the thread and jumped on it…the dumb fucks of ktalk…

Ni kama kunguni, haikufi.