freak swimming pool accident

Jana a promising young man died in a swimming pool accident in adonai retreat centre ,wadau how can an over 18 drown in a swimming pool?

pole sana , may his soul rest in peace

that said, when the day and time comes , fate dictates that you cant hide from the grim reaper, not so long ago, a trucker parked his rig, opened his door to jump out , slipped and hit the stairs and was gone, just like that

Swimming pool inaweza kuua haraka sana. Tunasemanga maji ikizidi ya basin…

Saw a young man drown a few years back,dude was drunk,don’t drink and swim,it should be obvious but apparently it’s not…

Alikuwa pekee yake???

It happens. Tukiwa high school a guy jokingly pushed a friend into the swimming pool. The thing is the swimming pool goes from shallow to deep end gradually and the dude was standing right where deep end starts. He started drowning and the guy that pushed him felt guilty and jumped in to help him. Ubaya he couldn’t even swim that well the drowning dude akamshika ngeta na wakaanza kunywa maji wote. From there a third guy jumped and helped separate them but since the second drank some water he become disorientated and started drowning too. So in a matter of minutes we had 2 guys drowning and no trained lifesavers in the vicinity. It was at that point I jumped in but I was kind of small nikiwa high school. Nimeona tu mkono imenishika like na ubaya nikasema oh shit nikajitoa haraka. In all that commotion the third dude managed to push the first drowning guy to the wall watu wakamtoa nje. Second dude somehow managed kujitoa. If were it not for the third guy who I still remember fondly I swear that day someone would have died.

I’ve never understood why people like doing that, they are a danger to themselves and to others. Kuna mwingine hapo Kakamega golf hotel we had to demand he be removed and banned from swimming that day. Guy was very drunk and diving dangerously especially given the pool ain’t too big.

It takes very few seconds to die in water…u black out for lack of oxygen in the brain, the next thing ur brain cant control ur reflexes and off u go into water.
Watch military training videos u’ll see there are always medics on standby to look out for pre-black out signs.

the young man was not drunk alikuwa ametoka church wakiwa na his small bro

I dont swim myself. If I was meant to swim ningekua na miguu ya bata na mikono kama fins. So I went to a pool with a friend anifunze. So he lets me into the pool and almost killed me. So I stood up above water and recovered. Tukazunguka kiasi alafu nikamwangalia akiswim nikaona ata yeye hajui sana ni chocha tu. He can only swim from one end to the other, and float on the back but cannot keep himself at one spot while swimming. Like he cannot keep himself afloat at a deep spot while not moving away. Sasa huyo atakusaidia aje? So if it were deep end he would have killed me.

Maji sio mchezo. If you have kids before training them to ride a bike you should take them to swimming lessons instead.

Many Kenyans don’t know how to swim especially watu wa highlands na nomads.

Wewe ulijulia wapi kuswim?

i know a swimming instructor who drowned in the deep end hivo tu, guy used to swim underwater for like 2 minutes so on this day vile alikawia dakika inne hatukua na wasiwasi, after seven minutes ndio tulikua worried vile jamaa haji juu, kumbe alikua ashatuacha. he had dived so well that he hit his head on the floor of the pool and got a concussion

You couldnt have saved him? :confused::confused:

Swimming is an essential life skill. Teach your children. I can’t though.

Very sad indeed. MHRIP. If you can’t swim stick to baby pools. If you can float don’t go beyond shallow end!

Mimi sijui

he couldn’t; the drunk was clearly “nywele ngumu”

You did not just ask that insensitive question… Jeez. Swimming pools kill people quicker than a finger snap. Especially private ones…