Fraud alert! A device that can enable you save upto 50% of your electricity consumption and of course the bills.

Everyone wants cheap electricity. I read this article on a device that can save electricity on some website three weeks ago and knew they were really fraudsters. On the blog we have what looks like Facebook comments with only selected positive reviews of how the device has helped save electricity bills, when I tried to look for a place to comment I could not find any. All the Facebook links more of screenshots may be were not click able therefore I was not able to give my opinion about their lies. Today I have met the same article and today kenyans are the ones on the closed comment section. Don’t be fooled into buying any electricity bills saver.
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That guy whose comment starts with “I live in a house” has convinced me that the product works. After all, he does live in a house.

The comment by damaris still shows 41mis ago 8 mins after my screen shot


‘Wajinga ndio waliwao’ - Mhenga unknown

haha i had to check it. lol

Huyo 50% itafanya nikuwe BILLIONAIRE??? UPUS

Actually he is known. It must be Bingwa. There isnt any possibility that anyone else would have come up with something this brilliant …not on this site, not in this country.

Wewe na zile ngombe zinaingizwa same whatsapp group. You’re better ume left

they all have a single name…