Fraud activity on my bank card

I received a text earlier today alerting me that a transaction of USD 1.305 had been carried out on my Credit Card. I called my bank immediately to notify them of a suspicious fraud activity and requested them to alert the fraud department and block my card.

I then chased customer service this afternoon to send me a dispute form, which they did after my numerous calls. I filled it out and send it back to them, and then went about my business.

Just a few minutes ago, I received texts of two failed transactions on my credit card of USD 500 & 200 respectively. Good thing I was still awake and called my bank immediately to reconfirm the card was blocked, only for customer service to tell me it was not. While he was putting me through to their fraud staff, USD 1,000 went through.

He’s finally blocked it, but he just as me is shocked that I reported this issue as fraud at midday and it’s now midnight but my card hadn’t been blocked. I am talking of a bank in the top tier. I am beginning to wonder when they dropped the ball not to act so fast in regards to suspicious fraud activities.

Also, what happened to the security measures of verifying online transactions, especially of a higher amount? I am now very jittery about my money that is locked up in the bank, if this is how easy fraud happens.

That’s their problem. You will not pay a dime back.

Your only worry should now be how they got a hold of your card…

Gas pump? Shaddy store? or Shaddy online stores?

Traceback where you used that card last and avoid them like plague.

If a Nigerian/West African got hold of your ATM recently treat him as your first and prime suspect. Have you been getting screwed by West Africans or had contact with them lately??:smiley:

Carding is not popular with Kenyans but the Ogas are masters in that trade. Also, most carding activities are often carried out locally. What I mean is that banking systems can detect the location of the fraudster and this makes it difficult for someone outside Kenya to defraud you.
For a carder to defraud you successfully, he has to:

  • Get all the details on your card CVV and number
  • Know some personal details such as address and date of birth (this isn’t always necessary but some companies require it)
  • Be in the same general area (country) where you mostly use the card. Most can circumvent this using SOCKS and an RDP (Sijui tech sana so give me some rope here)

So, whoever is trying to defraud you is most likely in Kenya, and has obtained your card details either physically or through trickery. For example, you may have tried to shop online using the card at a shady website and filled the forms without thinking through it. Unfortunately, once the money leaves your account, that’s that.

It’s a credit card, not ATM card, thankfully. Also, I have not been in contact with any West African in ages, but I did make an online transaction recently and possibly that’s where they got my details, although the payment was done through Google subscription.

Barclays will refund promptly, Equity utalilia washrooms

you have dollar account with which bank?

jichunge sana b4 making these online transactions. These ogas have gone an extra mile and now have fake websites similar to Jumia where they sell stuff at cheaper prices. Once u pay for something online thru these sites u are done. Over the weekend i was with this German chic who after seeing a story on facebook about a poor sick african girl who needed funds decided to contribute 20€. The transaction was successful until she started seeing some unusual activities on her bank account. They had already taken over 300€ . Her bank said they is nothing they can do about the lost cash coz according to them she permitted the transactions. Good thing is that they blocked any future transactions with that acct and black listed it.

Usually have a debit card, load it kidogo then use…
Learnt a lesson some time back

Have they cloned Paypal,that is my only online pay mode.Mkisikia issue mniambie

Online payments , paying using card , fear this means like plaque , ile siku utaenda kulipa kwa restaurant na card alafu upate account imefagiliwa ndio utajua haujui.

Ngumu, but they will send shaddy emails with a fake paypal email. Never click any link from the email.

kwani sikuizi hakuna kubeat around the bush na maneno?

cards are very unsafe. with a mere pic of your card I can do serious damage.

cash transactions=safety plus no fees and hidden charges

Pole sana, try avoid credit cards, and apply for a pre paid credit card if available, where you load the card when you need to use it.
Sijui if Kenyan banks are using this.
Soon we shall be forced to work with cash only as banks are more than frequently valnurable to fraud.

Hii Mambo ya cash payments hunishinda sana, I had issues earlier which made me panic and I spread my money around in fixed accounts only withdrawable at the counter, then I got a card which I load up kidogo then use, then I always have solid cash stashed in 2 places. Ata mshwari was giving me problems with fractuating balance, tukaachana hapo… But as one has said… Load kidogo in one card alafu utumie, is better than kuoshwa clean

I had this issue and someone debited over Kshs 220,000 from a KCB debit card.
I filled the issue with my branch and the bank refunded me after 45 days.

Nowadays, I have a prepaid debit card that I use for all my transactions. If I want to buy something, load it via Mpesa and use. Though I noticed the bank maybe phasing these out as it took close to a month to get one that is not powered by UnionPay. I wanted Visa or Mastercard and seems that branches don’t have enough stock of the cards

This is precisely the reason I never use my ATM card tied to my main bank account for online transactions. Hio Atm card is just for ATM withdrawals and nothing else. I have an Mpesa debit card that I top up and use as I go which I have also tied to paypal. This way the card never has money except when I top up to use it so even if someone gets my card details, hawesisaidiki.

You ask - "with which bank do you have a Dollar Account?


Enda I&M ul get even a dollar prepaid card very fast