Frankie just- beta male-gym it .Irredeemable simp

Corazon Kwamboka and her baby daddy Frankie do not live together.

During an Instagram Q and A session on Sunday, Frankie was asked why.

He said it was her wish to live separately.

“Corazon loves her space. She would rather be in her house than anywhere else. Even when she’s at my house, she’s always complaining,” he said.

That wasn’t all. He explained that Corazon’s house is their primary place despite them having their own houses.

We’ve just decided that her house becomes the primary house. But I still have my place.”

The two are raising their son Taiyari together after Frankie and Maureen Waititu separated two years ago.

The couple Corazon and Frankie celebrated their son’s birthday last week.

Anyone with a functioning brain would know why a woman you have supposedly married would insist on having her own house .Balenciaga secretions loading

Most likely cause of separation…you guessed it right. MONEY ISSUES. The guy is dead weight and the girl has figured that she is better off alone.

I find it funny that he is trying to rationalize away such a fucked up situation.

dead wood you mean.

Maybe halipi rent kwa Corazon…

Corazon knew her time in the limelight was coming to an end ( read wall). A depreciating body and a career with nothing to write home about. .

Akapata mbegu na guarantee of an 18 year paycheck in the form of child support…

Well this boy has served his purpose and its time to dispose and move on…

Hii ghaseer inalipiwa child support na mamake haina kazi ila kuflex muscles Instagram na kuzalisha retired lanyes.

[ATTACH=full]379755[/ATTACH]Get that check by all means. @Sambamba why do you skip leg days??

They have never lived together from day one. This is the best arrangement that one can get.

Pesa ndio hakuna banae, wacheni ati ooh arrangement ooh sijui nini

Hamtaki mwanaume aolewe na mwanamke, mnataka apate ngono wapi?

Why would you make a woman’s place the primary home?

@Sambamba we elders give you @TrumanCapote to be your loyal wife and nothing is to separate you two except umama

the house is owned by the lady. Kijana tuu huenda huko. They are not married.

Hii ni aibu, but living with a well known kunguru would be worse. Imagine the foot traffic to her house , 99. 9% being niggas she needs to service Ndio alipe deni zake. Dude angekua traumatized

He should keep such matters private as they speak volumes about his position in the relationship.

Sioni shida na hiyo arrangement. So far mujamaa amezalisha kunguru mbili (wale tunajua). Ata wakiachana na Corazon he’ll just move to the next one and impregnate her, and so on.

Unaongea ni kama kulipa ma kunguru child support is something to be proud about. You’re either paying child support or you’re a deadbeat. No baby mother respects a deadbeat. For damn sure hio kunguru ndio breadwinner,ndio kwa mana unaona huu jama anajaribu ku justify madharau hii kunguru inamuonyesha

Eh! Tulia manze! :D:D:D

Do you really think that boy can pay child support?