Francis wa PS alipasulia kijana mayai siku tatu mfululizo

Luckily it went on for 3 days. He was probably disappointed when on the fourth day he couldn’t play with Francis’ “joystick”.


First Francis then Alex?

If it happens once then you’re a victim. If it keeps happening then maybe you’re actively encouraging that shit. Some suggestions:
[li]Wear baggy clothes that don’t expose your booty.[/li][li]Stop falling in love with PS owners.[/li][li]Stop twerking in front of PS owners.[/li][li]Don’t ask for or accept free games.[/li][li]Don’t ask to sit on the laps of PS owners when there are several chairs available.[/li][/ul]
Otherwise @Mundial pole kwa masaibu :D:D:D:D

Finish Him!

This mzee mzima guy was raped at early age.Thats why he is suffering from depression,flashbacks and post traumatic stress disorder
Am not saying this out of ignorance or hate but never have i seen mzee mzima kenyatalk posts without insults

Ok salo bado ni 9k my friend

You fat looser uliacha kubet like a teenager?


No wonder ulianza kunifuata after kuskia mi huwa na PS. Inakaa Francis na Alex walikuwekelea @shoti_mzito mara kadhaa ukabaki ukiota nao.



:D:D:D:D:D:D:D @patco amepata ammo


Wewe utafwatwa aje na salo ndogo kuliko watchman?


Wewe una haja na salo ama PS? Niko na COD ya 2019, kuja ucheze free :D:D:D:D


I think huyu ni mmoja ya wale waliniekea ignore miaka ya zamani so hata hajui hii screenshot nimeifanyisha rotation nikachoka.

(I often wonder why @Mzee mzima doesn’t do the same awache kuumia roho akiona thread zangu. But of course he has no friends! Ana ku terrorize ukuwe beshte yake cha nguvu… the aftermath of a history of being anally brutalized as a child.)


When not feeling PS owners’ dicks on his behind, he enjoys spanking men in clubs. Why always you @Mundial?



Hehe he. :D:D:D:D:D. Following