Francis Ole Kaparo dealing with a bitter divorce- Even the old are not spared!

Former National Assembly Speaker Francis Kaparo and his wife are locked in bitter divorce proceedings after 40 years of marriage amid accusations of adultery.

Mary Mpereina Kaparo has filed for divorce, accusing her husband of cohabiting with another woman in a home in Kiambu.
Mrs Kaparo says in court papers that Mr Kaparo, former chairperson of the National Cohesion and Integration Commission, has been living with the woman she identifies as Korere Paulata in their house in Eden Ville.

Watu wehishimu ndoa

Heheee. If at that age your wife has not come to terms with your character, you never were married

Proof of claim

Ala he’s munching and MP :D:D:D:D:D:D:D


After 40 years of marriage, why would a woman worry about where her husband inserts his fragile and semi-functioning dick? Even if it was about wealth, she is much protected within the bounds of their marriage than outside. Very stupid woman.

Hi mambo ya christianity mpaka mama masaai ana expect his husband to be monogamous is nuts ! If Kaparo has not disowned his 1st family huyo mama ni atulie !

i think it is messier for old men because the children, whose lil’ filthy noses he once wiped, now have the fuĉking nerve to think they are grown enough to take sides to the dispute, and there is only one side they take.

why? because of what accompanies of follows the divorce - forceful distribution of matrimonial property and the fact that the loser in that suit usually pays costs, which can be astronomical in addition to the sting of loss of property and a punctured ego.

Haka ka mama nakajua personarry.
Haiya let me change my handle…


Now imagine the grandkids reading this article. Their perception of pious grandparents has been TKO’d.

Now this old fool will have to part with half of the cows he was stealing from people of Laikipia. Mbwa yeye

Enyewe “All happy families are alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”

Kaparo ameruka watoi na kuitisha DNA

This Sarah Kolele was adopted by Kaparo’s wife - Mary. akamleta kwake wakamlea through highschool mpaka college. Then Kaparo decided the young woman was ready to be wife.

Mary should never had adopted Sarah and brought her kwa nyumba yake…

anyway Kaparo’s affiliation made sarah an MP so pia yeye lazma akule jasho yake.