Francis Ngannou signs with PFL

@uwesmake @Azor Ahai

Francis Ngannou has inked a deal with PFL that will see him get hefty benefits.

This man’s fight…is tell all why Africa is poor…they won’t give the best punch knock out a chance…he will knock out the dude…ngannou is a man’s man…hope he connects with Adesanya and they create an MMA African bad boy game

Boxing deontay wilder isn’t a clever move.

good deal apate fight na Wilder akule serious millions then apigane na AJ akuwe mbirionea . DANA abaki na his peanuts

Arteta Man kwani ulitoka Arsenal?

Ngannou has no chance even against a mid ranked boxer. Boxing is the most tactical sport. You rarely if ever, find a successful boxer who didn’t start boxing before his teens. And there’s reasons why. You have to master defensive and timing skills that are polished by going against high ranked amateurs and pros. Being thrown into a ring with Wilder is like MayWeather vs Mcgregor. The guy didn’t even train.
If he wanted, he would have dropped Mcgregor in 3 rounds. He just wanted the crowd to get their moneys worth. MayWeather rarely knocks anyone out because lacks punching power ( damaged knuckles ), yet he TKOd Mcgregor.

Ngannou inside a boxing ring is like Kimbo Slice in MMA.

Its a financial move. With boxing their is a lot of money to be earned. Ngannou is 36 and so has very limited time in the sport, let him make enough money before he retires.