Francis Mureithi Calls Babu Owino and Concedes Defeat

Babu Owino tweeted this >>Mr Francis Mureithi who petitioned my victory as the current Embakasi East MP at the high court has just called to concede defeat ahead of the court ruling scheduled for Friday this week. It’s time to serve my people.

hii upus tulisema tungoje Registrar wa HC awasilishe report kortini.

Boss two high court officials presented their findings today. Babu had won. The only complaint was that one of the phones of the high court officials was pilfered.

poa. i am behind news, apparently.

Huyu Mureithi anakaa short wire


If he loses he will be punched with a 5-7 million shillings bill not counting what he has to pay his lawyers. Friday should be an interesting day

It’s likely that everyone will bear their own costs. It’s obvious that Mureithi’s petition was merited.

Interestingly only the star has this story. Funny thing with these kinds of cases, the vote recount results can be presented to the judge showing Babu won but he still nullifies the election and calls for a by-election. He should not count his chicks yet.

hahaha hii picha. kwani Ongili is laughing in his face ?

I don’t believe a word of this.

Not really. The guy is a face

hahaha reference was to Mr. Mureithi’s face. Ama hii ni photoshop propaganda from Ongili’s camp ?

If Mureithi loses this, jubilee will fully have themselves to blame. They had three other pro-jubilee contestants who divided the vote.

  1. Mzito
  2. Double M
  3. Some other dude.

For the doubters
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He was actually telling him wakimaliza hio recount ya votes…Wafanye ya meno