Francis Kimemia, Ken Lusaka, Okoth Obado, Josphat Nanok and Martin Wambora ahead in Governors Race

Francis Kimemia -66.7% , Daniel Waithaka 9.3%
Ken Lusaka - 52.2%, Wycliffe Wangamati 31.9%
Okoth Obado 71.9%, Ochilo Ayacko 20.7%
Josphat Nanok 77.7%, John Munyes 14.3%
Martin Wambora 48.4%, Lenny Kivuti -28.3%


Francis Kimemia to Deputize Ruto, come the year 2022. He jas what it takes to keep tje RV Mafia in check. Tje man is tested for heaven’s sake.
Mzee Kiunjuri, if the happens to be, Ruto and his henchmen will make him a door mate, Hence Kimemia all tje way.

infotrack=meff, standard gaset=premium meat wrapper

Hiyo ya Lusaka ni uongo, these pollsters are just fraudsters, where do they get these figures?

So which is Uongo, the NASA leaders or Jubilee leaders ?

You typed “the” as “tje” repeatedly, ni keyboard ama?

I speak of what I know, that is why I pointed out the Lusaka one.

i think lusaka will win, our NASA votes will be split between Odm, ford and Anc

Only ODM is a thread and even then, his votes are in Kanduyi Constiuency only.

Hiyo ya Nanok ni uwongo, i worked there and i can confidently say that Nanok has over 90% ratings.

Ya Lusaka pia ni uwongo, dude must be below 40%

Kimemia ni ukweli simply because Waithaka has been a huge flop

lakini lusaka si tulisema ni miss. kama tu ile ya mwadeghu

Spent the last two months in Embu. Wambora has an edge albeit by a small margin.

Will deputise him as deputy leader of opposition ama?

I was wondering how will a Jubilee carry the day in a NASA heartland.


Ctrl c, Ctrl v

INFOTRAK FRAUD: Yesterday, I read some results of a purported poll by Infotrack. I wanted to ignore it as the usual paid-for-propaganda but today, I think otherwise. Here is how they work from my interaction with them last month.
On Thursday, June 15, at 5.01pm: I got in touch with Angella Ambitho of InfoTrack to help us rate our candidate and identify possible gaps. She said she would ask the officer in charge of Western one Walter Nyabundi to get in touch.
Friday, June 16: Mr Nyabundi did indeed get in touch. He asked what exactly I wanted and how I wanted to use it. I asked him how else I would use a survey of popularity of my candidate? His answer was as curious as it was fraudulent. He said they have done perception/popularity surveys for candidates for both private and public use. According to him, he could give me two different sets of results from the same survey to serve the two different functions. One would reflect my candidate’s true position for private consumption and the other would be used to sway public opinion. All he needed was I make an extra consideration (payment) for the extra poll for public consumption. I didn’t give him my word.
June 19: Mr Nyabundi sent a quotation on email. I did not act on it because I had already lost faith in whatever it is they do.
Besides the credibility issue, I also had a problem with their sample size…first put at 600 people across the County. On insisting, he improved the sample size to 800. That is still less than the total number of polling stations in Bungoma. At best, he would be interviewing one person per polling station with another over 100 polling stations remaining uncovered.
I needed no further evidence to tell their lack of seriousness. As a result, we did commission a separate poll with a more credible firm but which only serves our internal operations.
So when I saw some results yesterday, I immediately knew the fraud involved. Somewhere, KLM and his people have the true results that have no semblance to what we all now know.
What we are being fed on is the second set of results (paid for by KLM) for public consumption to ostensibly sway public opinion. To our team, let’s stay focused. From the numbers, we have an.unassailable lead. Still, let’s work like we are the underdogs.

maybe the people you Mention won’t even be there in 2022

In Embu Wambora is like a grassroot movement. Kivuti with his billions will forcefully eat humble pie over there

ni keyboard ya simu. nilinotice pia.