Francis Atwoli: "Sasa mzoeee sauti ya Ruto"

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No wonder this guy survived 4 presidents. He may just survive this Samoei:

But atleast heโ€™s smart about it. Not the direct d*** riding youโ€™d hear from โ€˜defectorsโ€™, he acknowledges that WSR was better than their camp.

Realistic individual.

si ulisema utadelete handle ukuje naingine?

Akishika Bibilia Juu na awee prez ndio ntahama hii handle. Kenya itakua police state na nitarudi na police state friendly handle. Chungulia tu uko China and see how people have been arrested for posting stuff shosho media. Pia uko Saudi Arabia.

Ruto sasa ni Mama na Baba

Atwoli is fluid, like a chess player. While people are guessing his next move, heโ€™s already at checkmate.

A skillfully executed resurfacing

That is how it should be, and life goes on - the narrative that the presidency is a matter of life and death has been reinforced for long and it needs deconstructing, at the end of the day very few directly benefit from the president.

mtoto ya Atwoli sakaja ni gavana, tenders zitaflow