France shuts down mosque for preaching Jihad.

First of all Muslims can preach whatever they want, but wafanyie hiyo ujinga yao huko Muslim majority countries. Nobody would give a fcuk. Let them practice courtesy na waache kujifanya cocky kwa wenyewe. Secondly, the French are the worst imperialists ever. Look at their former colonies, zero grace. Atleast the Anglos left behind functioning states. The four leading economies in Africa (Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt and SA) are all former Anglo colonies. So the French can get fcked over and over by the Mohammedans. Lastly, Congratulations to France for taking such a decisive action. Terrorists must be stopped, lest they wreck havoc.


Evil preaches tolerance until it’s strong enough

Good for France. These refugees escape their countries due to factors caused by the religious extremism then want to impose the same on their host countries

Mtoto wa malaya the Western powers are the biggest cause of refugee crisis in Africa and middle East

Perhaps, but the very same refugees are directly responsible for their ‘godly’ acts

The west should reap what they sow and by the way, without these immigrants, the west with their ageing population wangekuwa wanacheza second fiddle to China.

Is that right…was the west reaping what they had sown back in Westgate, Garissa university?
Radicalization is a cancer that ought to be ripped apart and the pieces scattered like confetti…exactly vile ATPU wanafanya.

France is a Jewish puppet country. France will do anything that pleases the eye yet behind the scene ni country ya umbwakni saana

i would recommend demolishing the mosque and killing the cleric Aboud Rogo style

I am not condoning extremism and terrorism but what i am trying to insinuate is that the root cause of radicalisation ni western imperialism. Syria, libya is in turmoil now not because of extremism but the west millitary intervation. There will be no al shabab today if the west didn’t back and actively supported Ethiopia to invade somalia in 2006.

So after getting sanctuary from wars started by radicalisation, the solution is to bring that radicalisation along with them?

The mosque should be in ruins now and the Imam dead. This would send a strong message.

Yeah. They are retarded like that. They are programmed to suffer for the rest of their lives.

France is being overun by African bonobos and Muslims. Iyo assimilation policy yao itakuja kuwamaliza kabisaa. France has a population of 70M. You wonder how comes most Africans and Arabs want to go to France only. Hakuna mtu anataka kuenda Spain ama Portugal?

Raze it to the ground

Kenya has suffered under the British crown, don’t see us blowing up schools and malls. I am not excusing Europe and the west for their atrocities… I’m saying fight the right folk

Knock the mosque down.

And why do Muslims do this:move to a new place,choose the most prime location and build a massive mosque?

Arab supremacy manenos

I"m shocked,it was shut down,since the leaders across Europe are implementing the Kallergi plan.

What is the plan about