France & International Politics

Has anyone noted of late that France has taken an active role in world politics that previously before wasn’t so active? All this is being spearheaded by Macron…from France’s intervention in various African politics, its participation in Syria air strikes and active support in wanting to remove Assad and lately it wants to actively participate in the U.S-Iran nuclear deal. Its like it wants to make its name great again or is it trying to make itself relevant in the world politics which is dominated by U.S, Russia, India, China and even Turkey…

I hate French mainly because its former colonies are poorly (pathetic) developed and they continue to milk and control them to date. Wajinga sana.

With all the avenues that are available to stop these bullying and control, what have the former French colonies done to free themshelves.
Kangame showed the French the middle finger. The rest should follow to. It can be done.

France should chart it’s own path, and stop hanging on uncle Tom’s coat.

#1 reason to never trust France… They orchestrated, facilitated and financed Gaddafi’s murder.

France is suffering from midlife crisis. Its glory days are over decades ago. It still blunders west and central Africa to advance. Germany now controls its industry alongside all other eu nation. The rest of the world only thinks its a tourist attraction. Their young tak president is looking for validation so he tries to push above their waist for some action. Well soon the older sponsors usa and Germany will pull the plug and that moment will fade forever. Just ask the old hag called britain, her majesty is in the glory end days of retirement and old age.

Old hag is exactly right. These Europeans don’t seem to realize their days in the sun are long gone.

What exactly does Britain manufacturer or export? Her industry was sold to China and India long time ago. The economy imeshikiliwa na financial services sector pekee huko London. It’s in massive debt and the population is aging.

They should stop strutting around the world stage, they can’t afford it anymore.

We should do away with their cash crop which is inform of football

The British and the French are not quite done. They latched themselves securely onto African budding economies. Vodafone, BP, Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, BAT, Finlays, G4S, Triton and Diageo who own 50% of EABL are all British companies. There are many other small ones.
With such a heavy presence in the economy they have the muscle to bully the Kenya government. We, for example, cannot seem able to pass tough laws on cigarettes like they have in Britain despite knowing how harmful cigarettes are.
The good thing is they are getting stiff competition from companies owned by our people so it is only a matter of time we get local companies doing to them what Equity bank did to Barclays and Standard Chartered banks.

They have been increasing there troop presence in West Africa to fight enemies they created. While these stupid West Africa governments allow this to go on so they can continue enjoying the dick sucking they get in Paris… Spent Uranium rods are dumped in Mali by Bollore, Bollore controls rail, and ports in basically every West African country these chiets have sold their country unknowingly so more minerals and illegal goods can be trafficked in and out without objections.

Macron’s West Africa tour was a joke. He was traveling there to ensure that French supremacy still reigned and that those crooked West African leaders can kiss his ring or he won’t have them thrown out through a coup.

The french didnt boss their colonies around. they confused them so much that they didnt know what to fight for. People in those colonies actually think they are legitimately French.

The French really fucked up West Africa!! Everything they touch turns to shit!!!

I hate France with a passion. They basically have most of their West African countries as colonies still and force them to put 85% of foreign reserves in the French Central Bank.
Shit pisses me off.

African economies are controlled by French and British multinationals.

They might have been overtaken by Asian countries on the world stage but they still own Africa.

That’s why they feel pain when China is building infrastructure and degrading those inroads.

That’s why I’ll sit back and enjoy BREXIT and over the next few years witness a few get overtaken by political uprising like never seen before. Since all it would take is another economic meltdown which is on the way coming…

Colonisation was the activity formulated by a few Elites from Europe and later America, once they were no longer able to sustain their excessive way of life by hold their own citizens’ hostage to servitude labour their incomes plummeted, they moved their activities to African.
The initial European conference held in the 19th century swore a statement which appeared to have some noble intentions but the elites muscled in on the early work of the missionaries, sponsoring their own and conducted activities which included murder on an industrial scale for territorial and resource.

The 1844 conference purporting to determine the future of Africa in which no African was involved; the purpose of which was to secure ‘the development of trade and civilization in certain regions in Africa’ while obviating ‘the misunderstanding and disputes which might in future arise from new acts of occupation (“prises de possession”) on the coast of Africa’ and ‘furthering the moral and material well-being of the native populations’. These could never be possible via the elites; their nature is predisposed to abuse and goes on to this very day and should probably be classed as acts of terrorism.

Indeed colonisation needs to be revised and categorised under ”the act of Terrorism” Europeans plotted and enacted grievous acts of terrorism.

The Brits have us by the balls, they own the largest share of Safaricom where more than $50 billion passes every year through M-pesa.

They also own a significant market share of tea through Unilever. Should I also talk about tourism and the coming oil exports.

If we are to develop, reducing over-reliance on their foreign exchange should be considered a national security issue!

Who stops us from developing our own money transfer apps linked to local banks and saccos?

Who also stops us from establising a tea exchange like the Ethiopian coffee one? The current setup in many African countries is colonial, in which colonial interest stand as the BIG middle man taking home the blood and sweat of the farmers.

Kwanza hii story ya tea hunisinya sana. How the hell do we sell 1kg of tea at $2 then some British and American company blends it and repackages it into a foreign brand and sells at $50 to $200 a kilogram.

Why can’t we make laws to counter this? I thought we have politicians who are tea farmers, don’t they stand to benefit? We should be making a minimum of $10 billion from tea exports every year.

Na vile rais amewachangamkia mbaya!!! Hadi wakamsaidia kushinda 2017 kama vile walifanya Gabon, etc