FOX watching Trumpists are getting what they deserve. And blaming Joe Biden for it

Huyo Tyson awache siasa, atuambie Mambo ya space

Democrats will talk about anything else … except Afghanistan! :D:D:D

As if they have ever cared about Republicans. Diversions galore. Burrying heads in the sand galore.

Oh and of course Hurricane Ida. Like Trump said, “All they wanna talk about is Hurricane Ida!”

Whatever needs to be said about Afghanistan you’ve had 20 years to say it in every language.
Taliban are your fellow religious extremists, y’all should be celebrating.

“I work in healthcare with patients who have had it and did my best to avoid it…”


What about Republicans bothers you

Ala! A disease that kills only Trump supporters and republicans:D:D:D Haya. Ngoja tu hapo. The vaccine has limited efficacy. (In Africa we could be supplied with water in place of vaccines and we would be non the wiser). And still, no one understands Covid that well. It is now killing young guys without comorbidities as far as I have observed in the last few weeks.

what makes you stupid is you are so conditioned to think that being affiliated with a party is a win :D:Dwewe ni kondoo, kama fanboy ama paypig pale chaturbate… no wonder your reasoning abilities stopped functioning

I beg to differ,the covid old are dying obviously from old age,but the young are 90% percent dying from complications arising from undetected underlying issues,kidney,lungs one guy. How comes we dont see high number of kids as compared to the elderly? kids are fit generally…like new cars. The middle aged are somehow ok they can beat it albeit getting fukced up physically…is that a trend?
i know a chap that had a simple case of lymphadenitis,a condition you can cure with over the counter tabs,but it was sayonara when he got covid. You could be right but covid virus is opportunistic…like HIV,any underlying issue and you are toast

Well on matters healthcare what really matters to us is that Democrats in [SIZE=5]Texas[/SIZE] won’t be able to kill any more unborn babies or even sell their small bodies to stem cell research companies where their hearts are pulled out while the foetuses are still alive.

Planned Parenthood makes millions in the process. Money that is then given to the DNC campaign machinery.

Roe V Wade has killed 19 million black babies. A black genocide far worse than covid-19.

It has killed over 60 million AMERICAN babies, more casualties than those of Hitler and Stalin’s purges combined.



such an egg head you are…forcing people to keep babies they don’t want leads to abuse, suffering, and misery. you here playing bleeding vagina, but you have not asked yourself about why people abort

They said high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, etc. A few young physically active men going through the whole kit and caboodle of the tests; no comorbidities. They die.

Darwin doing his thing

That’s true. I have seen a 32 year old, very fit, used to take biennial physical so confirmed no comorbidity and now dead

For the black girls it’s because they don’t have jobs to take care of the baby.

President Trump reversed billions that went into ab.ortion to go into job creation as subsidies. That is why Trump talked about bringing back manufacturing to the U.S

He gave subsidies to car manufactures to reopen plants. Trump’s core strategy was creating jobs so young people don’t give excuses for abortions. And it was working very well prior to 2020 covid.

Another planned strategy was unveiling the platinum plan or $500 billion to revamp black communities specifically because they are the ones often targeted by planned parenthood. Trump also cut wasteful spending in Nato, U.N , WHO money that was then funneled to welfare stimulus for poor Americans during the covid crisis. Youtube has pulled down most videos whereby bleks were celebrating getting their stimulus checks.

Ben Carson was working on ways to make housing cheaper for young families because housing is a major problem for minorities especially black women. You will NEVER see this on CNN :


Pole kwa familia yake - but that’s only if this was before widespread availability of vaccines. These guys are anti-mask, anti vaccine, anti-quarantine. The only thing they accept is injecting bleach, horse dewormers and chloroquinone

True. Am with you when it come to the so called ‘team brave’.