Four die after pre-wedding meal

At least four dead, several sick after suspected pre-wedding food poisoning at Rodama village in Nyeri County.
@TrumanCapote njoo and tell us what is happening.

He he he…
Kwani umekuwa bookkeeper wa grim reaper?

@kush yule mnono i hope uko poa…

Kush was marrying in ukambani not Nyeri…

Very soon we’ll have to carry our own food to events.

Na watu wakunywe vaccine ya cholera. It’s cheap and effective. Don’t be caught unawares.

Ooh then ako poa…

am suspecting an angry ex, part of mama wa kupika

Vaccine ya cholera ndio gani mblo?

@kush yule mnono ulitupigia undercover Ukambani kumbe it was in Nyeri:D:D:D:D

I warned you about kupika chakula one metre away from toilets :D:D:D

I told you vitu zinaenda seuth in terms of greed.


you could be right

Halafu upate walevi hawako affected, the world is a funny place.

hii kitu ishaihappen ruracio flani…but dem alikomboa watu wa kutwekia thufu…20litres maji moto ikatumbukizwa kwa stew

Walevi hawakuangi affected na hizi vitu…went to a burial in Busia with a friend, everyone else from nairobi who went got either amoeba or malaria on coming back including me, the guy spent the whole time drinking changaa hana hata ugonjwa moja, hata homa…fit as a fiddle

Yes he is vvv fine and bcoz he loves sex…he chose her over me. Wait for his comeback.

You are kanono in dress and wig…

:smiley: Lakini atapoteza macho ju ya hiyo chang’aa.

Last week there was another death in a wedding, food poisoning

Baba yake digi today you are on a roll ama ni wewe uko shift?