Four arrested for vandalising SGR

Four suspects have been arrested for stealing and vandalizing parts of the Standard Gauge Railway, DPP Keriako Tobiko has said.

[B]Tobiko said the four will be charged with organised crime.

“They will not be charged as petty thieves but as organised criminals and economic saboteurs. Where evidence warrants, they will be charged with appropriate capital offence,” he said in a statement on Tuesday.[/B]

Noting their goal is to end cartel operations, the DPP said authorities were pursuing more suspects.

On Saturday, IG Joseph Boinnet warned against the destruction of SGR infrastructure saying it will attract stiff penalties as it amounts to economic sabotage.

This was after a section of the new railway was damaged by unknown people in Mariakani, Mombasa.

Pictures seen by the Star showed a gap in one section of the guardrail. Speculation is rife that the damage caused on the rail was an act of sabotage ahead of its launch by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday.

[SIZE=6]Four arrested over vandalism of SGR in Kwale[/SIZE]

Four suspects are being held in connection with vandalism of the Standard Gauge Railways at Kibanda-Hasara in Kwale County, about 30km west of Mombasa. The suspects include scrap metal dealers who were arrested in Voi Town in possession of materials including metal rails.

Whether they were motivated by anti-Jubilee sentiments or pro-NASA enthusiasm, these four will face the law on their own. I do not see Orengo or any other JaKuonist lawyer wanting to be seen defending them pro bono as is usually the case. Capital offences hakuna mchezo.

Si hawa wanaficha unga pia ni economic saboteurs?

Cliff Ombeta atawa.represent though pia inaweza kuwa propaganda ndo tuambiwe wameshikwa then they admit in court that they were sent by NASA and they will be handed a jail sentence which will not materialize and the opposition will be portrayed in bad light. Game shot

Cliff hafanyangi low or no-income clients. Anawakilishanga ma-pastor, madaktari bandia na watu wa madawa. All have the kind of money he asks before the first appearance.

Na hio propaganda what say you?


these were not the normal scrap metal dealers. Waling’oa mpaka Fibre cable. Ama walifikiria iko Na copper?

una haja sana na propaganda…

Hapo sikuelewa Kanono.

Tells alot.

Now that umeona majina zao sio za UOTP you have toned down on what should be done to them


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Ati mlikuwa mmesema suspect number one ni Nani?

Its what makes Kenyan politics interesting.

ha! naona umepata dose ya kutosha hapo juu…au ni kionjo tu?:slight_smile:

Wacha kumpiga sweep

Kabila kitu gani… Wafinywe makende!

Let’s not politicise everything into a NASA Jubilee affair…what happened to “just criminals”… Did they pack and leave the country?

Ungesema hivi in that thread that was dedicated to accusing people of a certain ethnic background, opposition leaders and their supporters of sabotage ingekuwa poa sana