Founders getting kicked out of their companies


Very sad na bibi au sister ya Jason Dunford

Kuna talker alinarrate this same story. @Icecube kam kiasi


If he floated the idea to the likes of CK either
1 they will see his idea as non starter or
2 they will pirate his invention because of poor patent laws

He went to foreigners who exploited that loop in the law. This is sad and I wish him good tidings

@digi kuja uite huyu kihii kihiu mutwe

this monkey only copy pastes,he is nacist stupid donkey whose mother had to acquire wife for him due to a disease which affected him mouth(check his avatar)and brains.

Business is the wild west. Huko huwa hakuna huruma unfortunately. I hope he wins in this, otherwise, lessons learnt, aanze clean with his experience

this guy sold his idea here kwa ktalk for investors i got interested and we met a few times.his idea was really good and those jungus(its the swimmer and his wife) will make alot of money from it kama alioshwa.iza joh ken.

You need to be clear who is who and who does what in bizness. When they raised those funds to them they own the company because they are paying the innovator. The jungus can not entertain the fact that he is the innovator (the smart one)

Why didn’t you pick it up if you saw it to be viable

it was very early in their development stage and i wanted to implement it somewhere to test if it actually works but i wasn’t ready to be their guinea pig.but on paper it is was viable.

Being in IT I have had my share of this so called VCs but my case they were Kenyan , this turds will make promises and never deliver when it comes time to forking out cash. They are always like yer sure go ahead when push comes to shove the will never use their own money . So it was always drinking in expensive pubs them getting into their expensive rides as I trekked across town to get mats to eastlands ! I learnt my lesson !

There’s a really easy way to stop people like this – he should sue the company, either in the US or in KE depending on where it’s registered. Nobody in 20 miles will give money to or buy a company that has legal action pending against it. If he can’t afford it he should go to sharky lawyers who will take the case on payoff, of which there are many both here and in the US.

Founder infighting is a common issue, regardless of race. Usually one founder starts doubting the value of the contributions of their partner alafu story kama hizi zinaanza

in business what matters most is capital, if someone brings in 200m usd you dont expect them to have a local managing that, even the the vc’s will not be comfortable with such.
Hapa if you have an idea, ama innovation, you sell it unaenda zako

The best idea is to negotiate kidogo money and the rest as equity - but hapa utapata mtu ameambiliwa 5mil one-off payment, only to realize that the actual value should have been waaayy more.

Kuoshwa ni kawaida - hata one of the original inventors wa Facebook alioshwa.

Always involve a lawyer and pay attention to the fine print.

Hii story ni one sided, and it’s only fair if we get to hear from both sides. Most importantly the voting rights.
If he owned less than 51% of the shares, which i suspect he did, then , it was a matter of time for him to be kicked out.

Here’s a video taken a few years back when the company was sourcing for grants

value is very dependent on time, and prevailing circumstances - you might say sell your plot for 1m and in 5 years the value appreciates to 10m it does not mean you were short changed, its just that the perceived or actual value at that point in time was just that.
at the end of the day any sane business person or investor will rarely pay you more than you are worth at any given point in time, there is this misconception especially by tech people that an idea/innovation is worth every penny and that money will be thrown your way just for that, value is not in the idea but in the successful execution of the same or in the ‘sold perception’

of course at this point I dont think any of the parties will reveal the actual details, but you will most likely be kicked out if you dont offer any value to a venture, most of these green innovations are just being milked proper because of the funding available in that sector, especially with the global warming and all - there is plenty of money flowing, but if you look at some of the ventures, its not about the innovations per se, rather the ability to raise funds and if one of the ‘owners’ can not bring his funds to the table they will be kicked out because the value they bring is negligible