Foster fatherhood is simping..

The only legit foster father I know down history lane was Joseph the father of Jesus, who was conceived immaculately, sad reality most married men are oblivious are just step father’s to the kids they imagine as theirs, it’s our wild world, complete upside down civilization,

Naturally and instinctively step child (especially boys) cannot totally regard ,respect and adore you as they would their own father.It’s nature!

Hehe, Wacha zako, Joseph alichezwa, one of the three wise men…(unajua venye hio story ilienda)

It’s a thankless job. Most of those brats end up going to look for their biological fathers and their relatives

Umbwa. Prince and Tanasha respect and adore me.

@uwesmake has refused to call me daddie despite me giving his mother a retirement son.His mother gave him final warning to show his respect by serving me food and removing my socks but the retard ako kichwa ngumu kama kondoo mzee haambiliki.If this continues I will just have tu dump his mamas ass.

an hii kelele yote ulioa singo matha. shiet! umbwa kabisa

Oooh sheet Mr. Bachelor’s Degree, wife tumtoe ngozi tutengeneze mat? :oops:

I’ve seen cases where it worked out, it mostly depends on character of both the man and woman, which the kids can easily tell.

Wacha ujinga ; labda kwa wazungu

Am I a fool for sharing my observations?

truth be told, hapa murica, most bleks are raised by singo mothers who have multiple baby Daddies, but when it come to jungus, their divorce rate is very high and most jungus ends up with step parents. a good % of jungus don’t stay single , hence a fatherly figure will always be around.
there’s also a good % of folks who were adopted within the jungu community

You want us to believe/brainwash us with silly observations ndio next utambie how cool it is to be a foster father; it doesn’t make sense

I’m have no interest in trying to convince you of anything, let alone brainwash you. Only shared my observation

Inakuanga very thankless job. Time ya bills ni “our child”, time ya discipline na morals ni “no one knows my child more than me”. Not to mention ata the woman switches up after amepata ring/amekupea your biological child. So war from bibi, lack of respect from mtoi. Unawork overtime ingine wazimu for 0 benefits. No matter how amazing a woman is , akiwa single mother sitawaicommit. People will say “some work out”. Yes and some paedophiles reform doesn’t mean I want them near my kid. The some that work out are so few that the risk is not worth it. Not to mention there’s nothing special about single mothers to justify a higher reward for the high risk. Basically best case scenario ni “you won’t be disrespected by the woman and child” why tf commit to that

Understanding yako iko kwa.basement.

not to mention a baby has passed through her vagina, rendering it cave-like.

You are a fine product of bush schooling.

I meant to say “carvenous,” but then I decided to tailor my remarks for the easy comprehension of bonobos.

Tandika mtoto vizuri mbele ya bibi ujue kama ni wako.