Forum has turned Shiet.

Somewhere along the line this forum lost the plot…Completely. It used to be a place where we could come to escape our daily realities and tell each other of the very socially unacceptable things we indulged in daily. It used to be fun.

Now it’s basically been taken over by people from a site that I hate with a passion. That site is none other than drum rolls ding ding ding… Wait drums don’t sound like that maybe boom boom boom… the site is ferking Facebook. Kila siku the same basic shit in Facebook is being posted here mara Obado, Jackie maribe sijui irungu mara Sharon ferk all that shit man. Such news should be reported once and strictly once only. Only major I mean ferking major updates should be shared. For instance I don’t wanna hear about Obado until his sentencing. In the mean time can we just talk about utterly sick intriguing things or just innocent thoughts. Go back to the basics of an anonymous forum. Why would you join an anonymous forum to read about the same shitty exhausting Facebook gossips when you can just head over to the source?

I have created an army. I commander in chief @Notapeoplesguy declare a brutal war that will be aimed at eradicating all Facebook bots and scum from the forum. I call all loyal soldiers of the cause to fight with vengeance, brutality and bring fear and destruction to Zukabaga bots. We will win. Ahooo Ahooo Ahooo.


Why don’t you create your own forum and talk to yourself on the subjects you want to hear

Did anyone force you to read the posts?

Zukabaga trolls. I will spit on your dirty graves when my loyal soldiers are done with you. Xuq tuuf.

This is a free forum. Rules pelekea bibi yako

Ngoja idlers wakam na multiple handles… Wait… Already washaanza… Na zile quotes zao same since enzi za klist

Bado watu hukunywa mairungi, weekdays ??

Na ujue hii upuss unapost tuliona @admin akiwa kijana

Exactly. This authoritarian wants us to live his boring life- mafi gabisa. ok?

Ukikaribia Choo sana ni akili utatumia ama utangoja hadi wakati tumbo itafura ndio utoke hapoo???

Shabaab kuja polepole

Maybe you are the one that’s headed to the poop train. What are you contributing that can silence those noisy repetitions?

Kwanza bingwa you’re the real culprit na handles zako mia tano zakusumbua hadi admin akachoka na wewe kutoka enzi za kalk ,talker alitulia ni kamqou…

Umemake sense hadi hii part ukanipoteza:


Ile bangi unavuta imebarikiwa my friend.

Pamba I expected you’ll be among the first to enlist in this great liberation. I am disappointed with you.

Niliacha hiyo stuff man very shit weed going around that’s really not worth the risk. Juzi some guys I know walikulwa 50k.Anyways enlist in the army bro.

Pamba always disappoints at the last minute it’s his thing

pseudo-intellectual tendencies

miguna io mentality yako ya kijiji private sioni ikiwes.