Mbona hawa MaJapanese hawaweki Sun roof kwa hii kitu.
It is one of the features my next jalopy must have.
Reviews zinaonyesha its a good catch but haina that one thing.
What happened to Hilux surf,was such a good vehicle.

Anyway more practical reviews from fortuner owners zikuje,we still rise ata Jsks akitulima manyu bila lube.
.maina wa grogon anaweka kwa zile gari hazina

Good car btw…this over a prado anyday

Hii DIY sitaki…my stuff have to be originals,juu huwa tunatukanana hapa kwa hii gicagi ya Waturedio…what do you do in you real life?
Are you married,which part of this country do you come from,can you give me business,can i give you business,You know after this Fortuner it is when I will go for Macan GTS,so i gotta build a network.

Mbona hii kitu haiko huko UK.AutoTrader ya UK haina any

Mhhh nice review.Who is this guy?,he can rival Mat Watson wa carwow


Sunroof iko, sio imbo. Na ukasirike sana ununue Panamera, Macan ni kadogo. Mimi nakaa kuwa mtu serious in life? Acha mchezo wewe. Otherwise beyond faggotry unafanyanga nini?

I am striving to be a Jeff Dean in Kenya space,then East Africa,then Africa.At Macan ni kadogo…it can be a family car …ona wewe…hii ndio nitakuwa nakimbia nayo in my sundowner days.


Sijawahi jua haiko hapa…ama ni juu haina market because that car is meant for tough terrains kama Kalahari desert

This has a 2900cc petrol engine all, Panamera has 4000cc. Anyway to each their own toy. Anything interesting you’re working on?

Nikitafuta where I can it from,niliona sio common huko UK,ZA would be the best option,but maghasia really use them up,so lazima nifike bei ya mpya

I am learning new stuffs, how to work with Apache airflow,Redis in AWS na ADF na Synapse in Azure

Fortuner is based on Hilux. Back seats not very comfortable but a good SUV overall. 2800cc diesel averaging 10-12km/l on highways. Ukitaka sunroof and all those creature comforts upgrade to Prado. Pale CFAO(Toyota Kenya) tayarisha ksh10m. Alternatively you can get used ones from Thailand and Australia. Surf walimaliza ikabaki the US markets version called 4Runner. For the rest of the world Surf was replaced by the Fortuner.


Hizo sio vitu GPT inaweza fanya

Ebu cheza na hiyo GPT kabisa uone kuna mahali pia ina kwama.
Also for developers it can only help solve bugs or tips on how to achieve a solution.
Lakini system design and logics has to have a human input.GPT output is dependent on human input.

I am yet to see it configure a data pipeline on any of the cloud platforms or even on the on-prem ones but it will guide one on the entire process.
So before it takes over pengine nitakuwa nimekafunga

Hii gari ni safi sana. Ukiona bang for buck hii inashinda prado.

Erick Wokabi. Cheki him out on his YouTube channel Carnversations.

iyo gari new model iko sawa old model ni upuss. Kuna pia Toyota Rush new model shape kubwa poa kuliko ya kitambo kama ya dem
Ukipata pesa washana na toyota

ngojea thread ya nissan note ndio ulete ukumbafu yako. Shenzi sana