Former Planteshon owners leteni hekaya buana. Starting with these two

I have just passed by these comments today. @HABILIS and @Umashi the stage is yours. Leta details kidogo. elders tukifurahia weekend polepole

Wacha kuchokoza vidonda vya hao mayamaa…

It is very true. Marriage is all shit. We must have borrowed incorrect reality from our grandparents. They (elders) never told us something that all mmen need to know. Anyway apart from kukamuliwa pesa na kupewa urine tank. What else do you get from marriage? Ju hata watoto wakikuwa wakubwa they always side with their mother. Wakienda majuu for greener pastures. most funds will be channelled to the mother’s account despite you educating the rats you sired. Anyway mimi pia nimechoka na huyu Gishagi woman. I need to go to the plantesheen. I am a self employed peddler. A freelanncer. A pastor, and an Angel too. I can live anywhere in kenya bora kukuwe na stima na network. Anyway nipeeni tips how to escape this brutal slavery

I had a friend who seemed happily married. He had a good job, a baby boy and a beautiful wife who seemed loving. Shida ni jamaa alikua anapenda pombe. Juu ya hio story ya pombe akafutwa job. Hio job ndio walikua wanalipa school fees ya mtoto, so alipofutwa ilibidi mtoto ahamishwe to a public school. Instead of quitting alcohol and getting his shit together, he sunk further into alcoholism. One day alitoka ulevini akapata nyumba iko empty, bibi amebeba mtoto na kila kitu na kuhama. The guy sunk into depression. He went to live with his younger brother. One day the younger brother came home to find Jamaa amejinyonga. Planteshon is not for the faint of heart

Vijana … tafadhali muoe. Muache kurandaranda kaa ma burukenge. [SIZE=1]Coming from senior bachelor the Rustler.[/SIZE]

Huyo @Umashi is a classic statistic. 90%+ of all women will readily divorce their husband if he loses his income.

That’s why I encourage men to be red*pill aware. Don’t join marriage with the expectation that she will support you if shiet hits the fan. Statistically, she will do the exact opposite - dump you at your lowest moment. So, you could be married, and you think that you have support, but it is an illusion for most married men. If by bad luck they need that support, they realize it was never really there in the first place.

Marry, get kids, enjoy life, fuak your wife. But never be under the illusion that you can rely on her if push comes to shove. You think your wife is special, but she is not. On a balance of probabilities, if you go through some serious adversity e.g disease or unemployment, she will just leave. If you operate knowing those red_pill facts, then nothing will ever surprise you. lingo banae
ni plantation slave hapana plantation owner



There is no way mere mortals can own plantations. There can only be workers in the plantations.

Hata angekuwa mgtow angefutwa kazi tu.
Problem ilikuwa pombe.

By the way I have a friend of mine alipenda pombe saidi hadi wa leo he’s yet to graduate. Jamaa alikuwa anafanya medicine pale ion.

Pombe ni kitu hatari so ya kila mtu.

  1. My married homie ‘Tim’ was fucking around
  2. Wife ‘Tina’ found out and left with everything to another small lakeside town
  3. Tim akapewa heads up on her new location like 8 months later
  4. Akani mobilise and another dude twende tukambust
  5. Nilienda shingo upande…her campus was like 20kms from mine. When she was a fresher i had cleared campus ni like 2 months in to a new job…i was still in my campus hostel…i helped her adjust to campus life…we shagged ruthlessly during her 1st year.
  6. We got to Tinas new pad and she had a man kwa keja. The man hepad…so did Tina to nearby police station.
  7. Tim had hit Tina so pingu
  8. Tina akatumwa hosi for sijui p3 ijazwe
  9. Tina aliponyoka akashika gari to a major kenyan city
  10. A year later Tim traced Tina akaniambia nim escort akaone wife
  11. I flatly refused but wished him well
  12. Tim talked to Tinas bro Tom…Tom accompanied Tim
  13. Kumbe Tina was at her eldest bros place
  14. Tina and her 2 bros wakakaa chini kuongea na fortunately wakasikizana
  15. Waka amua kuenda out for drinks and nyamchom kucelebrate
  16. During celebrations Tina akajiexcuse kuenda loo
  17. Tina alitoka kuenda kuenda
  18. Later the 3 guys started looking for her hata waka andika missinv person statement kwa D-
  19. Following afte Tim calls me to ask if Tinas back…i told him sijui…he tells me to pass by his crib coz amepewa ripoti Tina anabeba furniture
  20. By the time i got there Tina was done and dissapered.
  21. Told Tim nyumba safi…he was on his way home sahio.
  22. Tina dissapered for like 3 months.
  23. Tim traced Tina and they reconciled and got back together.
  24. Guva built a tvet hapa…sasa kuna new faces.
  25. Tim and Tina set up a supa hoteli and wines and spirit which Tina runs.
  26. Princi wa Tvet ali ingisa Tina Box
  27. Tim ambushed them kwa keja ya Princi wakinyanduana.
  28. Tina dissapeared again.

My boy Tim is not the man i used to know…siku hizi ni kujiongelesha.

Timothy kama Hana watoto na hio Malaya, he deserves everything he’s going through

Your friend has a big problem either low self esteem or plain ufala na upumbavu

What kind of men are these in this generation?

If a woman ever walks out on you, and also including what you consider or you think are your boys (in your time of need), let them keep walking. Never let them back in your life again. That’s just setting yourself up for more pain, heartache and disappointment.

Such a sad story

Huyu Tim Ruto alichukua kiti halafu nikue minister of Internal Affairs nitahakikisha anaenda Kitui Coal Mines . Hakuna haja ya wanaume kama hawa kuharibia watu hewa . Ama namna gani @sani ?

That Tim is a classic simp

You can’t make a whore a housewife