Former Njoro Mp Joseph Kiuna responds to Dennis Kiptoo

interesting times ahead
“kaimena nyee ithatu” thisstatement coming from a leader is very unfortunate.

he was responding to this

wote wawekwe ndani


No Kuna kijana aliuawa na ngombe zake zikaibiwa huko.

funny juu kakinuka uko njoro utakuwa unamskia anarelease statements za kuchochona bado from his runda/karen/lavington home

Unfortunately, whether shiny eyes like it or not, they are outnumbered in Rift Valley if (God forbid) violence erupted. They are badly outnumbered past Nakuru county and you can’t expect to win in a fight under such dynamics, no matter how good you are. Shiny eyes in Nakuru County and the other Mt. Kenya region are not under immediate threat, so they have no incentive to vote for Ruto and cannot be coerced int doing so. Those in Eldoret and beyond will face the music because they will be viewed as traitors whether they vote for Ruto or not because their votes are insignificant. So, voting for Ruto while in Eldoret won’t save you if you are a Shiny Eye because any other Kikuyu past Nakuru town doesn’t share your risk.

vipi mungich jaymo?

I went to rift valley that time, the nandi and kalenjin are good in arrows and since they were many some could fight at night and others during the day. But when you trick them they fall right in your trap. Kikuyus on other hand are mean, mkisema mchinje mbuzi moja mkule ju hamjakula hakuna anataka yake ichinjwe, then mkienda mkirudi mnapata imeibiwa

Mimi sio @Jaymosheriff

how come ninjas huongea vibaya look like they cant defend themselves in a straight up fight??

Small Penis Syndrome as bingwa will say. to compensate for their weakness they talk tough lakini kikiumana huwa wako miles away, never on the front line

truth be told, Nandi hapana mchezo just look how closely thy protect 1 of them…

can’t see that man running with a machete for five minutes before a heart attack ama loss of balance… im guessing the idea nikupay off someone else’s 20 year old to do the dirty work and that’s sad as fuck

2022 itabidi nihamie chigali.


Hata mimi, Kenya itakuwa na too much tension the way things are going.

After what the saw in ICC I don’t think that’s a route he wants to take !

Kuna vitu sielewi apo but the context in which this guy was talking has been removed for convenience basically to suit the hate speech narrative. Same reason why moses kuria refused to give a speech in Kikuyu.

Mbwa kasoro mkia