Former Nigerian Deputy Senator Beaten In Germany By Nigerians..

Sijui kama mliona hii…


good! now we should replicate the same here.

Deputy Senator???.. Really???..shietholes kweli.

Those Igbos dont want to stay in Nigeria, they are spread everywhere in the world and never go back home, yet they expect the people left behind in Nigeria to make the country better for them to return. No way the country will be better if all they do is complain while holed up in cities around the world

… The problem with this country…
Thats the National anthem

Hata ile hoteli the old fuck Biya alikuwa anakaa demonstrators walileta shida sana. Zimbabwean foreign minister was also roughed up in the UK.

Kenyans are still worshipping waheshimiwa who visit abroad. taking photo ops , inviting them in church and their homes. they see it as prestige.

sasa ndio watarudi nyumbani kukula vizuri.