Former Ghanaian president Jerry Rawlings has succumbed to Covid-19 (RIP)

Former Ghanaian President Jerry Rawlings has succumbed to Covid-19


Hii Kitu inamaliza wazito.

Fuckin hell im sadened by this, he is one of the best president africa has ever had and is the best president Ghana ever had since Nkrumah. A real pan africanist.

He will be remembered positively in Ghana and African history…A brilliant fighter pilot who led a military coup and transferred power to civilian rule with minimum chaos.

The Big gun has fallen.May he be received well by our ancestors

One of the few good presidents Africa has produced.

I am really saddened by the death of Jerry Rawlings. Man, I loved this guy. He was the greatest African leader alive. Recently I watched him in some Tanzanian media interview and I said I would name my offspring after that guy. The man was bold, articulate and firm. A strict stickler of the law and a great humanitarian. He never minced his words in the face of bullshit. He called it out as it is. I remember him shedding tears literally during one of his visits as special envoy on Somalia. Rawlings couldn’t stand the embarrassment seeing kids dying of hunger in Somalia. We have lost a great Pan-Africanist. Such a sad day for Africa!

So sad he was a pan African. He named his only son after Kenyan freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi.

It will be good to name your son after such a strong character. He also named his only son after our very own Dedan Kimathi.

Corona is taking the wrong people! Alas, Comrade Rawlings is no longer in this vale of tears…gotea comrade Gaddafi


He was not a bonobo, one of his parents was white. So IQ ilipanda kidogo

RIP Mzito Rawlings

Why is every country in West Africa been taking over through a Coup? Did the west really hate the skin of a black man that much?

I was reading about the horrors that happened in Liberia and how they literally sacrifice children to they can be strong. I never want to see Africa return to that madness.

Dont name your son after a christian name… He fought very hard to break that colonial mentality which many africans have in naming their children european names. The church and preist rejected the name he had for his children and wouldn’t baptise his children because he gave his childen pure african names. Celebrate his legacy and what he stod for by giving your children an African name like he did.

He was a pan Africanist but some things weren’t right with him, why câlling out people over giving their children European names while uko unatumia majina matatu ya Mzungu???..

What does the video you’ve posted, have to do with your comment?

It was a mistake.

i wonder why you think that?

Any from Wikipedia …

Claiming that the government was corrupt beyond redemption and that new leadership was required for Ghana’s development, he led the group in a coup to oust the Akuffo Government and Supreme Military Council.[9] Shortly afterwards, Rawlings established and became the Chairman of a 15-member Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC), primarily composed of junior officers.[14][9] He and the AFRC ruled for 112 days and arranged the execution by firing squad of eight military officers, including Generals Kotei, Joy Amedume, Roger Felli, and Utuka, as well as the three former heads of state: Afrifa, Acheampong, and Akuffo.[6][4]

The executions were dramatic events in Ghana history, which had suffered few instances of political violence. Rawlings later implemented a much wider “house-cleaning exercise” involving the killings and abduction of over 300 Ghanaians. Elections were held on time shortly after the coup. On 24 September 1979, power was peacefully handed over by Rawlings to President Hilla Limann, whose People’s National Party (PNP) had the support of Nkrumah’s followers.[14] Two years later Rawlings ousted President Hilla Limann in a coup d’etat on 31 December 1981, claiming that civilian rule was weak and the country’s economy was deteriorating. The killings of the Supreme Court justices (Cecilia Koranteng-Addow, Frederick Sarkodie, and Kwadjo Agyei Agyepong), military officers Major Sam Acquah and Major Dasana Nantogmah also occurred during the second military rule of Rawlings. However, unlike the 1979 executions, these people were abducted and killed in secret and it is unclear who was behind their murders, though Joachim Amartey Kwei and four others were convicted for four of these murders, which involved all three Justices and Acquah, and were executed in 1982.[15]


Do you know what the first thing the communist party did when they got power? They killed all the ousted elites who had been corrupting China for decades and would be the first to sell it out short. Those people whom Jerry Rawling took power from were the ones who ousted Kwame Nkrumah and missmanaged the country. The first thing to any successful coup is to execute all those traitors and anyone who could undermine the new regime. Some African leaders failed on this such as Thomas Sankara who would.

The effects of his change are felt today in Ghana where he introduced a transition to democratic rule and today Ghana is a stable country and one of the most stable in West Africa alongside Senegal. In the recent coup in Mali they requested a visit from Jerry Rawlings so he could advise them on how to best go forward. This is the kind of leadership we need in Africa. I really respect this man, he is more african than many 100% africans (only in blood) leaders who loot their countrys which remain the joke of the world. Look at countries like Equatorial Guinea. Low IQ at its best.


Are you stupid? That was the name he got from his parents… But he broke the cycle for his children by naming them African names. If africans just had that small smartness to realise how they are mentaly colonised then africa would be a long way now. Instead you are giving your children names such as John because Kung’u is too primitive. The fact that he was fought by other africans because he wanted to name his children african names just shows the mentality of africans.

looks like the logical conclusion would be that the democratic process is preferable in all instance no matter how slow but the basic logic of your own statement seems to have escaped you