Former Arsenal Star Emmanuel Eboue HIV+

[SIZE=6]Reports Claim Arsenal Cult Hero Emmanuel Eboue Discovered He Has HIV After Summer Medical[/SIZE]
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Ben Carter02 OCT 2017

Emmanuel Eboué will fly to England to have further tests after it was discovered the 34-year-old had contracted HIV, according to Goal Turkey.

Concerns over Eboué’s health were first raised on Sunday when the player’s agent, Tekin Birinci, took to social media to say: “Unfortunately [it] is true that we are facing some medical problems about Eboue. He will go to England… so we will know how serious it is.”

Shait…so sad…I’m sure in this village we also have some people with the virus.

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Ogopa cancer…siku hizi ni kawaida tu.


Eti you are sure?

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Yep…given the prevalence in Kenya (7.1%) and the way guys here are always talking about hoes and dry fry, hakuwezi kosa.

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HIV is nothing to worry about especially in the west…apart from the embarrassment and stigma

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HIV si issue. Ukitumia ARV for six months, iyo kitu hiezionekana kwa system yako. My friends, wengine madktari utembea na kit, ati before df tujipime na mimi ndio na anza. Problem is that most of the time hao uambulia patupu. The girls run away.

By the way does it mean ukitest na mtu amekuwa akitake ARVs itatest negative??? :eek::eek:

And he’s only 34. Just when he’s about to retire and enjoy his fortune. Or probably get into management.

no. the virus might not be traceable but the antibodies, which the quick test relies on, are detectable

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It is undetectable . But it doesn’t eliminate the risk of spreading it.

So what is the truth between your responses?

Edit: looks lile @ranny is right.

Uwes, kabuda, njeribootiez.

Is this the WEST? Shtupit.

If he takes good care of himself, he can live well into his 60’s.

he can even go to his 80’s

So HIV+ people can’t play soccer? Is there a risk of infecting others? That would be unconstitutional.

physical fitness is a prerequisite for insurance purposes, otherwise too expensive.

Kwani HIV+ guys aren’t physically fit?
Na kwani pia insurance hupandisha bei wakipata mdudu? I thought hio maneno iliisha.