Former administrator and MP Kiilu dies






Never heard of him. Anything meaningful that he did?

He was a DC and PC in various places before venturing into politics. Huyu ni wa zamani kidogo. Labda wewe you are too young to know him.

you must be very young…sisi born 80s were used to the likes of kiilu, Francis baya, makhanu, Yusuf haji na isiah mathenge( not sure) …these guys would always be in news immediately after Moi’s 30mins of mtukufu rais on kbc

True. Those were Moi’s foot soldiers

Not really young, early 30’s. I’ve not heard of any of those people you mentioned except Yusuf Haji.

PC Raburu

Raburu ni wa juzi kidogo

Raburu’s dad

i wish these guys did some real development to the country so that their deaths could mean something , but they didn’t …moi and these guys were demigods !