Form one selection

Form1 selection was done. This year, only 9000 students managed the threshold of joining a national school. But as of now we have 30,000 national schools in the country, that means if all 9000 students are to be absorbed in the national schools it will be atmost 3 students in every school.ironically, after selection, some students who scored highly didn’t get a chance to join any national school. My nephew scored 387 but he has been posted to an interior school which am told is near migingo, and it’s a day school.
Nmemwacha kwa nyumba akiwatch Spartacus.

Those are some of the downsides of devolution, the government wanted at least two National schools in every county, the upgrades were done without considering location, facilities and resources. I however disagree with you that we have 30,000 national schools in the country, it is not possible.

We only have 52 national schools my brother

there are actually 103 schools

List of National Schools in Kenya:

Cluster 1
Tartar Girls
St Patricks Iten
St Brigids Girls
Ribe Boys
Pangani Girls
Nyabururu Girls
Muthale Girls
Murang’a High
Moi Mbiruri
Moi Girls Isinya
Meru School
Maranda High
Mama Ngina Sec
Makueni Boys
Machakos Boys
Lugulu Girls
Kisii High
Kenyatta High
Karima Girls Secondary
Kapsabet Boys
Kakamega High
Kagumo Boys High
Garissa High
Friends School Kamusinga
Chogoria Girls
Bura Girls
Bunyore Girls High
Asumbi Girls
List of National Schools in Kenya : Cluster 2
Wajir Girls Secondary School
Wajir Boys High School
Turkana Girls Secondary School
Tenwek Boys Secondary School
St. Joseph Chepterit Girls Secondary
Sironga Girls Secondary School
Sa Kolanya Girls Secondary School
Oolaiser Boys Secondary School
Nyandarua High School
Ngao Girls Secondary School
Nanyuki Boys High School
Mpeketoni Boys Secondary School
Moyale Boys Secondary School
Moi Girls Nyabohanse Secondary
Moi Girls Mandera Secondary
Mbooni Girls Secondary School
Mandera Boys Secondary School
Lamu Girls Secondary School
Kisima Girls Secondary School
Kathiani Girls Secondary School
Kabianga Boys Secondary School
Hola Boys Secondary School
Garbatula Boys Secondary
Chewoyet Boys High School
Bahari Girls Secondary School
List of National Schools in Kenya : Cluster 3
Starehe Girls
Starehe Boys Centre
Nakuru Girls
Nakuru Boys
Nairobi School
Moi Girls High
Moi Forces Lanet
Moi Forces Academy
Maseno School
Maryhills Girls Sec
Mangu High Sch
Loreto Limuru
Limuru Girls
Lenana School
Kenya High
Alliance High
Alliance Girls
List of National Schools in Kenya : Cluster 4
St. Marys Girls
St. Joseph Boys
Siakago Girls
Shimo La Tewa
Ole Tipis Girls
NEP Girls
Mugoiri Girls High
Moi Kapsowar
Moi Girls
Mbita High
Matuga Girls
Maralal High
Lodwar High
Kwale High
Kitui High
Kisumu Girls
Kilgoris Boys
Kaplong Girls
Kabare Girls Secondary
Isiolo Girls
Ikuu Boys
Chavakali Secondary
Butula Boys High School
Butere Girls
Bishop Gatimu Gandu
Baringo High
Baricho Boys

The 3rd cluster usually has the best national schools in Kenya.It consists of the original list of National Schools in Kenya.


hehee…mine is as of july 2019


Ati 30 000 National Schools?

Nef niaje leta clit huku

You need connections and finances to secure a chance in those schools

Going by the lowest figure above (52) which means every national school can at least enroll 173students.thats low bearing in mind majority of those schools have at least least 4 streams with at least 50 students per stream, and also all the 9k students will not turn up to the national schools.

if I consider the 103 figure of national school, then it becomes more interesting.

@Mundial toa maoni.

Alifanyia wapi class 8?

I mean which county?

Again,what was his first choice school?

Assuming that alifanyia Nairobi,akachagua alliance Kama first choice Na mangu Kama second choice…chances are that alipoteza zote mbili

Coz with those marks in Nairobi,alliance hawezi pata

Given that mangu was his second choice,hawezi pata tena coz wale walichagua mangu Kama first choice ndio watapewa priority

Tombwa na @Thiem

Hanitaki alisema haga yako ndio soft, young and tender. Hio haga yako ya 26 years ndio anadai. Ati hio haga yako @Mundial bado inanuka cerelac na maziwa ya mama.

@Mundial matako nyepesi, matako nyororo ya cerelac… kutoka mtaa ya Kayole. :smiley:

@Mundial naskia ati unajua kunyonya mboro kama pro. Kweli au rongo?

Hehehe nyoa nywele za matako kwanza

Alisema anataka hii nyama soft ya kijana baro baro @Mundial .