Form is Function: Ngumu Kuchokeshwa na Kuma

Another topic to kill.

Fact is, sex is an insatiable want. If you get to a point where you feel like you have had enough, most probably:

  1. You have been consistently fucking ugly chicks LATELY and with MUCH EFFORT.
  2. You are wasting time and money, and that is subconsciously eating you up.
  3. You had a hard time getting pussy and so you married the first fat chick that dropped it on your lap and called it CHEMISTRY.
  4. It’s easier on the conscious to say that you don’t want it when you can no longer get it or use much effort to get it.

A man’s dick is always ready for action in the sack. How do you say you’ve had enough yet you browse through S&R threads - subconsciously, you are looking for something better. Pussy has NEVER and WILL NEVER be enough for a man unless you got Billie G’s COVID-19 jab.

Lastly, having enough pussy to a point that you need no more is just being a low key fag, if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck i.e. FORM IS FUNCTION.

In fact consistent pussy makes one a slave to it and cleverer women know this and have used it historically to their advantage. It’s like fucking COKE.

Case closed.


True, you cant have enough…but most people eventually choose quality over quantity. Personally i dont think i would ever fuck those women people post here…hapo nitakua nawaste time…hata sitasmamisha. I would rather go for one pretty and shapely woman than those women people post here.


Not everyone is driven by pussy. There are people who actually have important(er) things going on in their lives than chasing every skirt they see. It is difficult to have such focus though!


That’s why these rare women that you nitpick are overcharging niggas in terms of both time and money and by the time you go through three of them you just resign from the game.

Ningekua birrionaire ningekua nakula lanye kila siku

Nyundo ukioshanga rungu hapo SJ unasumbuanga saidi… :smile: :smile:

Nilikupatia assignment kaka, leta evidence ukikula ka light skin kanachezea 18-20 and elders will give you a standing ovation ukipita kwa hizi streets.

Elders hawataki theories.

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Don’t worry, one day we shall cross paths unexpectedly and you will realize and say to yourself, “This must be Nyundo” :green_emoji:

Hehe, huwa sifiki hizo maeneo

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Ebrufication muhimu nyundo kwa izi k streets…stop being all talk

There are two different ways to get more of anything in life…

One way is to chase more and more…The other way is to use more of what you already have. It’s all up to you and what/which your mind desires. :sweat_smile:


for every beautiful woman out there, kuna mwanamme amechokeshwa an hiyo ikus

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Monogamy problems.