Forgiving permanently and openly adulterous wife!

For those who understand Greek… How do you forgive this kind of wife? Ngai? But this foolish man is surely lucky that hakupata deadly diseases… or may be he did but is very strong!

Men get forgiven all the time. Wacha pia kunguru zisamehewe.

Oohhhhhh My…
Is there such a thing as a cursed and a dick-craving puusy?

This was more than 490 times…
I.e. 70 x 7…

Women are polyandrous (form of polygamy in which one woman is married to several men ) by nature, courtesy of their biological cycles. They get on heat like cows and other mammals do, and once in this state , they can fcuk anything.
Hapa ndio uwa unapata houseboys, watchmen, drivers and other male persons who can have access to your house are hitting your wife.
There’re other women who can’t go for more than 3-5 days without sex, you been the husband, you get busy with life, including having a lifestyle that makes you scarce, and there goes your wife.
Ndio maana nilisema, a man in his mid to late 30’s , marrying under 24yrs old women is courting trouble down the line. 10-15 yrs down the line you’ll hardly satisfy her.

Kikuyu culture allowed sharing of wife. Your friend Kamangu comes from a long journey and you welcome him to food, drinks and your wife. Wife could have a lover so it was not frowned upon and definitely not seen as ukunguru.
Dring teenage years, boys and girls would have sleepovers and would fondle each other without having sex and this kinship is what men of the same age group lived by.

Then the missionaries came and spoiled all the fun.

Chanua hawa watu.

@rexxsimba pia alisamehea Ssenga

Kikuyu wives ran the show thats why. yaani kikuyu men were bought and paid for by the daughters of Mumbi. Or did you hear about a son of Gikuyu and Mumbi?
It also explains why 90 % of whore are Kikuyu’s like @Tauren mother. A dirty ol whore from kangema

You call people mother’s whore as you are screwed at butts . You cunts have no manners or shame . Pokoloko you are a cunt ,you are also a gayy . You must be stonned to death .

Hope this helps

No wonder most prostitutes are Kikuyu women

I agree with you, in kondele and in kodiaga all hoes are kikuyus you cunt!

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Wenye tunaishi ocha tumeona mengi. ii ni maneno ya kawaida, watu wanaishi tu, huwezi acha mtu wako sababu ya vitu ndogo

Morning hoe? How are you doing ? How has your fluency in spoken English and command in written form helped you financially?
:D:D Hama kwa ndaguro shenzi

Will you all stop demonizing this very Sweet Lady …

Aliwapa Vitu na Mkashindwa na Kazi …

You are all a lost generation of Faggots , Morons …and Gaaayys …

Bure Kabisa , All of You …:D:D




@rexxsimba is this your anthem when you see Madam Ssenga? :D:D:D


Bibi yako alipeana vitu?