Forget the starting with 50k lie, huyu clande wa billionaire Pius Ngugi huwa bimbo sana


I regret for voting for this twat

Kuna akili ya masomo halafu kuna akili ya biashara na ujuzi wa kimaisha. 99% of your millionaire MCAs hawana degree na wanakafunga 25K per day.

I think she answered the guy humbly… If the job is not there you reassess yourself… Look at your training… Look at what you can out do to arrive at the business sector, than stalling on search of the job market.

Kuna watu hapa nje hiyo 50k kupata ni ngumu. Also, she is 50+ years, during her time that was a lot. Ni kama kuambia graduate fresh aanze biz ya 200k.

Na hata rent ya 5k hawezi jilipia.

She did not get the question right?

Let them eat cake, said the French queen before the hungry mob chopped her head off

Correct. Comprehension shida

Wewe na Passaris mko on the same WhatsApp group. Comprehension ni shida kwenyu

no she didnt get the question correctly… how can she when she is living in her ivory tower

Hapo kwa mbiashara am not sure if she is yet to hack it.

50k 20 years ago was a lot of money. Back in the 90s hiyo ilikuwa kama 500k.

People voted with their small head instead of thinking with their big head

As someone who was elected by the people now living on the largesse of the Kenyan tax payer, she should have given a kinder answer to that hapless chap. But, she’s right. This country is fully people who can’t apply the education creatively. People sitting on the laurels waiting for a job.

Population of educated people is rising, so chances of being educated and jobless, aren’t a surprising issue anymore.
After a few years of searching, if you’re not successful, you try other means.
Mtu ako na 24 years is still not out of school that long, by Kenyan terms, he’s been out of school maybe just a year.
Kuna watu wamechapa 10 years after university, still jobless.

Ma mca represent the society. This is a corrupt society…

na usisahau hana coomer,ingekua ni dame anacomplain tho…:D:D:D:D:D

Hii mambo ya kuambia graduates wajaribu business is now cliche. I am sure you are typing this behind a desk on an employer’s computer. You see son, business sii rahisi as it is made to sound. Uliza sisi wenye tuko huku nje tutakwambia. Before you dive in, it seems as easy as ABC but ingia ndani ndio utajionea mambo. After capital next is bureaucracy, taxation both legal and illegal and thieving employees before ukutane na non paying clients. At the end of it all, very few survive.

Standard ya leo says it all. Ikiwa wazee wa 70 years bado wana ajiriwa, what will the young ones do ? Hao wazee si wakatae hizo posts watu young wachukue basi. We are not short of young energetic Kenyans who can work competently.

If you are to start a business, you better start small, ju kupoteza kila kitu ni rahisi. Otherwise maisha ni about survival. If you can’t secure employment work towards securing food, securing accomodation, securing your independence, eventually you will secure your future.

I insist, every young man should read “How to get on in the World: A ladder to practical success…” A.R. Calhoun