Forget the many excuses, Chinese loans offer better kickbacks

We had debates about our railway cost compared to other neighbouring countries. In Kenya, the project was too expensive. It is now coming to light from various political quotas that Chinese companies offer kickbacks amounting to 9-30% of the project cost. It is now clear that government has been going to the highest bidder. The projects are good but being handled poorly. As I’ve said in another post, our tendering systems offer the greatest loopholes for corruption. This means that the greatest looters wine and dine at the president’s court.

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Ahmednasir and Kuria have been speaking about it in the media, I’ll search the clips and tweets. In fact, Kuria had promised to review all the govt tenders and make them public.

Uhuru will have a very difficult retirement when Kenyans ask him what he did with 4 trillion shillings he borrowed. I don’t think the current projects can account for 2 trillion

Wachina ukuja kwa office ya ps, wanamwambia tupatie barabara mbili za 5 billion, wewe na watu wenu tunawapatia 1 billion cash. After hapo serikali inaeka barabara kwa budget

Ruto’s enemies ;


It’s going to be interesting if he wins.

He will not win. What we need to know is who will be our leader afterwards…

Moi didn’t have a difficult retirement. And he screwed the country how much?

Good point.

From 1963 - 2012 national debt was 1.9 trillion shillings
2013 - 2019 national debt has risen to 6 trillion.
Can you even compare the 2?

What does this have to do with matter at hand?