Forex and Bitcoin trading.

Huoni currencies? They trade the G10 currencies. Kwani what do you think forex is? Eish bana

You said they specialize in currency trading. The fact that they invest in stocks nullifies your claim.

Mimi mwenye I also diversify into metals and indices. The forex market is just part of the who financial market system and no serious trading firm can just rely on one part. You can’t come here spreading propaganda unabaited

Wacha ulambistic. Sasa unaanza kudai diversification.

I told you to name one successful firm that specializes in FOREX trading pekee and makes money. There are many that specialize in stocks only. Why isn’t there one that specializes in Forex…

What I was alluding to is that you want to claim that there ain’t any trading firms involving themselves in the foreign exchange market and I just proved you wrong. If you clearly understand how the financial markets work they you’d know that no single firm can just claim to be trading or specializing in one financial instrument ata hedge funds themselves involve themselves in a variety many markets

There are many that just trade stocks. I want you to point out those that specialize in Forex. The Forex market is not for investment. Its for gambling…

The forex market isn’t necessarily built like the stock market where you’ll find a firm explicitly trading in stocks but you claim in that forex is gambling is total hogwash. There’s a big difference between gambling and forex trading. Fact is said you’ve never tried trading forex, well I dare you to try and see if your gambling claims can make you money

There are Kenyan traders who have been trading forex for most of their adult lives and they now have kids. I personally know of people who have been trading since 2003 till now. That’s how they earn their living. If you choose to believe that forex is gambling then that’s your problem but don’t manifest it here as if its a fact whereas its just a notion that you’ve decided to propagate in your mind

I’ve gone to sleep. No need arguing over facts. The Forex market is among the worst to invest in. Otherwise anyone with sense including wazito kama Elon Musk wangekua ndani. Anyway, the OP should note this.

Lala salama… everyone believes what they want to believe even when based on obnoxious “facts”

I’ve not made any claims about being an investment banker. Sasa unaona vle jaba inakuonesha mavitu…

I didn’t call you one. I was referring to the actual investment bank not “banker”

I don’t indulge myself in such drugs

Forex is garbage…hakuna hata reliable official forex market exchange rates…broker anakuosha mwosho moja…anaweka exchange rate yake…just 4 u kijana…at least futures have reliable official market rates

How do you trade in waru na hakuna mtu anajua bei…at any given time…utapeli…unregulated market…hata serikali inakucheka

I have similar sentiments. I have never heard of a hedge fund that specializes in forex of all tradeable instruments.

In my experience, forex is among the hardest asset class to trade because it is not volatile.

That being said, I do think a few professionals can make money there, it’s just not my cup of tea. I wont be caught dead trading something that moves 5% in a year.

If you really REALLY want to trade for a living, there is no short cut, study hard. Avoid greed, make a plan and stick to it. Use common sense as well, the market a is a machine of wealth transfer, know on which side you want to be. You are against ruthless market makers who are hunting for your stops and liquidation levels and will take your milk money in a snap. Also Algorithms that aren’t subject to emotions, or sleep. Study hard my friend…

Here is study content to start you off

Ambia enveee anunue mining rig halafu ahamie Mathare. Akianza kumine ata omoka since stima ni sare.

Usd 50k account, you have a trade from the 30min timeframe and from your technical levels, that trade can fetch you say 60 pips and you place a 20pip stop loss(in forex you don’t really concern yourself with the yearly percentage) so I’ll use a lot size of 1.5. if in profit then I’ll close my day with $900. The last two years has seen me concentrating and mastering only trading one currency pair but before that I used to have 4 on my watchlist… though I do trade some gold from time to time. But a daily 0.70% volatility whether it’s bullish or bearish market in this pair is a good day for me. An average of 15 trades both wins and losses in a month will see me comfortably get to and maybe slightly surpass my monthly requirements of a 10% Roi( I trade for a prop firm). Mastering to trade one or two pairs with a good strategy and extreme discipline will give you an edge because you have seen the different cycles of that market and you understand what different candle patterns are showing you. Forex trading is quite straight forward once you understand it watu tuu hucomplicate it for no good reason.