‘Foreigner’ Kicked Out Of Supermarket In Ghana, After Refusing To Use Sanitiser


When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do. Some people need to learn.

:smiley: Trying to apply Pussy Pass. You can spread corona without cosequence if you have a pussy.

Kwani yeye ni nani? Mbwa yeye.

Huyo wochi should be given states awards. He has shown he can die for the country. He is a patriot.
Hio kunguru upelekee hio pussi mbali. In time of danger pia the little man there shutdown.

West Africans have their problems but they don’t suffer from colonial hangovers and low self-esteem like we do, huko ni kufuata Nyayo no matter the colour of your skin. No Kenyan supermarket staff would dare throw out a white person for breaking the rules.

The woman must have gotten shocked when her gender and race privilege didn’t work like in the West and other African countries.

Hio ni upus, anawishwe hadi kwapa

Anavurutwa vile tulikuwa tunavuruta stubborn puppies tukiwa watoi. ile ya kuslide.