Foreign Aid

This is the only way forward …


In 2016 , USA withdrew its $812 Million aid from Tanzania.
Thinking that President John Pombe Magufuli [ RIP ] would get on his knees and beg , He said this instead :-

“We need to stand on our own …
If you are a farmer, you need to farm hard …
If you are a fisherman , fish hard …
Work hard so that Tanzania can get rid of donor dependence…”

Our problem is that we have Thieves , Idiots and Traitors in leadership more interested in enriching themselves , staying in power and selling their Nations Sovreignity to Foreign Interests …

Our leadership PRIORITIES should follow 3 progressive phases :-
- Immediate :
Addressing Security , Food Sufficiency [ Farming , Value Addition & Processing ] , Health , Education , Graft and Wastage of National Resources.

  • Medium :-
    Kickstarting Basic National Infrastucture Projects [ Roads , Ports , Comminications , Green Power Grids , Manufucturing , EPZ’s …etc…].

  • Long Term :-
    Eliminate Foreign Borrowing [ …this what is currently abused or stolen anyway …] and work only with Grants , Donations and Genuine Partnerships…

Example: The Dutch Government once offered to assist with the perenial Flooding in Budalangi.
Goverment was to relocate Residents from Flood Plains and set them in cooperatives .
The vacant land re-engineered [ …with the participation of NYS - Jobs and Skills ] with Levees , Dykes , Polders , Fish Farms and Rice Paddies.

The Dutch are proven World Leaders in Land Reclaimation and Water Management Technology …
45% of Holland lies beneath Sea Level …

The Locals would benefit from the proceeds thru the Cooperative membership of each family , provide Jobs and allied economic benefits.
Backward elements in Government [… led by Ababu Namwamba and company … ] frustrated and killed the idea before it was implemented …

Shenzi Kabisa … :mad::mad:

Mbwa wewe, si upande basi uende tanzania kwa mbaruhia wanzako wajinga. Hapana letea sisi mafeelings! kinyesi ya madam ssenga wewe.

No foreign project of goodwill to help kenyans will succeed without the ‘blessing’ of a politician. The same ones that Kenyans vote for at 3am in the morning. They view themselves as mini gods over all those voting sheeple. They cannot allow anyone to distort that image so they ensure continued poverty, ignorance and desperation

And here is another one …
Who was resposible for killing this project … ???

[SIZE=5]The proposed Likoni Bridge Construction:[/SIZE]

Japan is set to loan Kenya about $450 million, geared towards the construction of a 1.3km bridge over the Kilindini harbour that will link Mombasa island to the mainland.

The project, dubbed the Mombasa Gate Bridge, aims at reducing the economic losses caused by traffic congestion, therefore, allowing Mombasa to achieve its full economic potential.

Construction of the Mombasa Gate Bridge, which will have spiral ramps at both ends, will begin in 2021.

The initial total cost of the construction approximates to Kshs 80 billion ($771 Million), with construction works planned to start on Lumumba Road, near Jela Baridi Prison, Majengo. It will then cross the railway station and Moi Avenue along Archbishop Makarios Road, cross the Likoni Channel at Mwenza Creek and then join the Southern By-pass at Ziwani through the Mtongwe road.

The design work of the bridge was co-financed by the Kenyan government and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

In addition to the bridge construction, Japan will also give a $350 million loan and a $57 million grant towards developing a port, road, electricity and water supply and drainage in the special economic zone known as Dongo Kundu in Mombasa.

That farming model was first established in China and it was a great success, Rwandese have also adopted it and it’s working wonders