Ford mustang 2017

Those dreams wont be realised if you continue following raila like a fool

Lakini sasa, ukitaka kukamua kunguru emergency itakuwaje?

Hii sio gari ya mtu ako na gari moja. Hii ni ya weekend

That cant be a problem to someone splashing a whooping 7-10milli on a single machine

Hakuna emergency. Kuna short time hata ole sereni

People who complain about fuel economy, people who think that a car is purely for locomotion should keep left and let the rest of us burn this fuel before electric cars come destroy us.


Tail lights and daytime running lights, coming soon ngojeni uyu mtoto in a red suit aamshwe

Last time nikiwa NY nilicheki hizo chuma mpaka nikanyoji.
The funny bit being saw mob kwa yard for sale costing less than $5000.
Mbona haziko mtaa ama quality ya ngata na spares ndio shida na baru zetu mbaya mbaya.

:eek::eek::eek: Jesus christ na sisi wote tuko ma makende mbili sio.

Don’t even think about it.unawefeel weakness kwa magoti.

They just began making it as RHD.

Hmmmm.nice article.didn’t know they were all LHD.

It was mentioned in one of the episodes of The Grand Tour where they featured it in RHD. This and the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio (featured on same show, different episode) are the type of machines you instantly like the minute you turn on the ignition. Just perfect.

My aunt only drove her husband’s car when the ninja passed away…

They have eco boost v6 turbo now.

V8 5.0 is the guzzler and you don’t buy it for fuel economy