Forcing Kids To Wear Masks At School

Is anyone else bothered by this foolishness of forcing children to wear rags to cover their mouths in our schools? Does anyone here actually believe that these masks are protecting children from COVID? [ATTACH=full]380280[/ATTACH]

It’s just nonsense ! Even the CDC has comeout and said cloth masks are shit anything lowet than N95 ni upuzi , kids barely wear them aki rudi home they remove them and go outside to play with other kids ! 100% undiluted nonsense !

Wear the masks or find a school that allows your concerns

Do you wear a mask ? Tuanzie hapo ?

Biden’s America says wear a mask. Build back better. Build back stronger.


I wear masks in places where I am required to. I wear as little as possible. I know pretty well that it is nothing but an act

Mask preventing a covid infection is mass stupidity. The covid 19 is designed to infect people which Africans haven’t really been “affected”. Mask = control. Vaccine = Death

Ka hamjasoma virology msitishiwe na PhDs.

These are deniers