Force Gurkha, India's Alternative To G-Wagon. While Negros Can't Even Manufacture Scissors

They are ahead of us industrially by about 80 years



It’s giving a Suzuki vibe, but congratulations on them. India has grown it’s local market for the longest, and they believe in their products. You wouldn’t convince a local to buy anything foreign, even if it was cheaper, case in mind Cars, alcohol, Phones, and Culture. Bhai haezi please na watu ingine kama sio hao wenyewe Kwa wenyewe

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Congrats to them. It looks like Suzuki as said above. I think they buy local simply because it’s cheaper and probably at 90% similar quality to equivalent import. Wahindi ni stingy so ku save lazima

This statement is true… My boss recently tried negotiating with his partners on purchasing some Yutong Buses for the Umrah… The Panjeet Directors refused to buy into his ideas and instead stuck with the Ashok Leyland brand…

They are loyal t their products.

Read about the Collaboration Act ya India.

If I am not wrong even land Rover is Indian owned now. I think if they cherry picked some things from elsewhere they’d be good. Although they’ve been manufacturing vehicles for a while now.
Tested their Mahindra XUV 500 a while back and it’s impressive, and although I don’t know their current value after jambas I’d say it’s a good one

You forgot food. Rarely will you see an Indian eating food outside their cuisine


Nearly all the motorcycles used in Kenya are made in India kina Bajaj Boxer, TVS, Hero etc. Even Honda generators, water pumps sold locally are made in India.

India has gained alot from technology transfer since any company wanting to sell cars, motorcycle, medicines is required by law to team up with an Indian company to manufacture the same in India.

Because India is an Extremely Ancient civilization. The like sticking to their own shit.

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