Force Citiline, India's Copy Of G-Wagen

Not only is the Force Citiline a spitting image of the G-Wagen, it even has a 2.6-liter four-cylinder common-rail diesel engine sourced from Mercedes-Benz.


Despite its humongous size, the Force Citiline is powered by a measly – and ancient – 2.6-liter four-cylinder common-rail diesel.

Ironically, it’s sourced from Mercedes-Benz.


That lump produces a rather bland 90 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque which is just about enough to move the thing.

Back to its size, the Force Citiline measures 201.6 inches long, with a 120.1-inch wheelbase.

That means on the inside it has enough room for 10 forwards-facing seats arranged in a 2+3+2+3 layout.
Yes, you’ve probably worked it out, that leaves absolutely no room for luggage.

With only four regular-sized doors, getting access to the fourth row is a monumental task, too

Man, that’s ugly on a chasis