For you struggling beta males...

I have been reading chronicles after chronicles of struggling beta males who have to send women cash ili wawasaksue…
Here is Brathee’s guide on how to bag a 10/10 with MINIMAL expenses:

  1. If you are broke, kaa kando. Enda tu SJ na mia mbili yako. Otherwise, keep reading.
  2. Prerequisites: You need to have the look. This means an average 1.2m ex-Japan cieth, a decent job/biz, some nice shoes and cologne…heck, throw in those happy socks I detest so much. In short, you are doing ok and your prospects are on the up but just like every man, you need to nut! Again, if you are broke, return 0;
  3. Identify a hot biatch who appears to love money. Those that state openly that they don’t date broke guys…or a hot singo matha who wants to settle down secretly but keeps ‘having standards’…This can happen randomly in a club, street, workplace e.t.c.
  4. You need to be confident. Women melt when a nigga is straight up…plus these money whores or insecure bitches love VALIDATION! I have picked up women on lame lines such as: Sasa mrembo! Unakaa fiti, damn! (Look at her ass briefly then back at her eyes). Nipe number…Avoid kingereza mingi and pretending to be sophisticated lakini ensure she sees THE CAR! Ataenda kusema amepata boy mHUMBLE na vile ako na pesa hahaaa
  5. Your first encounter should be brief. Women are like bloodhounds, they can smell loopholes.
  6. Sasa ingia whatsapp after 2 to 3 days. Sema hey, ni fulani blah blah. Anza charm offensive. Beta males msitume a million texts ama kuitisha nudes noogle. Be civil and pretend to be a gentleman.
  7. Get the date on a weekend. Ensure you have laid proper groundwork kwa texts.
  8. Hook up on a Friday/Satu/Public holiday/Elections day when bitches are in the mood for alcohol
  9. Take her to some classy joint like Coldstone. Most biatches are ok with Pizza Inn. However, the really classy ones want better joints like Fogo Gaucho e.t.c. That is why you can’t be broke. I advocate spending money WITH a beautiful one by your side rather than sending it to her later, bila pundesh, and you will not enjoy it anyway.
  10. Lunch dates should be late. Kitu 4.30pm hivi. Feign lazima asubuhi ungeenda kuona wazazi - as it is a public holiday. You will score points for being ‘responsible.’
  11. If she doesn’t state she wants to go out for drinks, which is 99% of the time, suggest it.
  12. The rest is history. Unless you are 130kgs of pure blabber and you can’t entertain a golddigger while avoiding expensive drinks like a pro.
  13. Always claim from day one you are expecting a huge payment and your funds are fully invested. Slyly suggest ukilipwa unaenda Seychelles holiday. The biatch will want to play nice to be in those plans. This is usually the deal clincher.
  14. To obtain round two till when your lies run out and you dump it, keep stating that the deal is imminent and some MD is out of the country and hasn’t returned to sign the cheques/ CBK froze your cheques/ KRA are withholding tax - bimbos don’t understand sh*t.
  15. Once done, do not block. She will keep on calling…6 months down the line, you will eat again, this time with a new lie…

Now, beta males, start practicing na mwache kulia lia. Lakini some men were born to be legends like Barney Stinson and others are @digi the beta male!

Uber drivers na wasee nduthi will fuck your 10/10 wife yet they dont have what you are talking about…

Who said anything about a wife?

Hii kazi yote na maboy wa nduthi kama @Starscream wanapewa kuma wakiwa wamevaa helmet kwa kichwa.

If you are gonna improve your life, do it for your own lifestyle but not with the intention of nutting into some used cunt

True words.

All this faking just for basic pussy is beta problems. How long will you maintain the Facade just to get laid?
Just have an interesting lifestyle and everything going on for you. You’ll fuck them bila effort.

Ata your 10/10 targets wangawia wasee wa nduthi…

So you can’t get a decent woman when broke? Then you are clearly a beta male.

That is running an extra mile(s) just to nut, are you Kipchoge?? and playing brikicho with cheap lanyes who are setting standards only to be geuzwad kama mahindi choma by broke funny guys.

Bullsh_t! Save your time, energy, and resources for more meaningful and rewarding pursuits. As for the nutting, there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Usisahau mapedi na maconmondoz wa mtaa. Watadinya huyo 10/10 wamtie mimba for a stick of weed + mbinginjii

All that shenanigan and coldstone becomes classy? coldstone?oh really? I thought an ice cream pale Norfolk will make her moist right after a pizza prosciutto over a glass of grenache,but hey, wengine wetu tunauliza upfront kama ikusde inakam ama mtu ajipange na ingine:D:D:D:D:D

Seems like a lot of work just to score some basic tail. Just focus on yourself man. Be interesting, be humorous, and most of the times you’ll bag these hoes with a fraction of the effort and resources you use with your long-ass winded method.