For those with mental health issues

I am a 19 year old self harmer. I have been looking at best gore and I have just been fascinated with it all. Anyway, I’ve been a self harmer since the age of 13. The reason why I started was because I was sexually abused by my own step dad for 10 years then, at the age of 13, I started punishing myself for it. First it was a tiny cut, then they just got deeper and bigger. I hated myself for what he did but then I learned to accept what happened. After a few months things started looking up and then it took a turn for the worst.

I told someone who I thought was a good friend to me what happened when I was younger and then the whole school found out and then all I got was abuse and bullied and beaten because I am a male and all I got of the bully’s was, “You Can’t be raped you’re a boy”. So I went to the teachers about this and they kept telling me they’d do something about it but they never did. So, I took matters in to my own hands and started slicing my wrists open in lessons in front of my entire class and they just started screaming. I have never seen it to get attention and I never have used it to get attention. It was the fact when they bullied me I had a deep anger inside I wanted to do more then hurt them but I couldn’t so I did it to myself so I’d keep getting sent to the first aid room and they’d fix me up and then send me home because I was unsafe to be there.

I have never gotten on with people of my age group (16-19). I found out one day my ex girlfriend at the time was self harming so instead of letting her cut herself and then get shouted at by her family and friends I told her to cut me instead. When I found out she then cheated on me with my best friend so now I have severe trust issues and its caused me to fallout with friends and family so now I just sit and cut in my room until someone actually helps me. I’ve tried going to mental health teams begging for help then I explain what I am suffering from then they say I can’t be helped. I have been officially diagnosed with ADHD, Multi personality disorder and Emotional dysregulation.

Pole !

Mambo ni 2. Kata huyo step father, ama ujikate shingo. Thank me later.

Pole @Bingwa Scrotum;ya mungu ni mengi,ya kuku ni mayai!!

Now that you are all grown up and shit, you can go and return the favor to your step dad’s ass na uwache kutusumbua

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Vuta bangi and take a chill pill. Kwanza nakumbuka listing flani ulisema you are 40 years old. The strange case of @Bingwa Scrotum

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