For those with half sisters/brothers; introduction ilienda aje?

I have decided that this summer is the perfect time for me to introduce all my offspring from my 3 “babymomas” to each other and i have a great imagination or shall we call it a plan where i i have them all in my home town bila kwambia their feuding mums and then i take the opportunity to get my kids all together for a day where we will have the perfect photo opportunity that we can preserve for all of them to see when they are old enough and when it matters to them.
I plan this in the next 2 months so i would like to know from some of us who have half sisters and brothers what your experience is and what if any memories you would want or not want to remember from meeting your half bros/sisters.
All contributions will be greatly appreciated![ATTACH=full]3228[/ATTACH]

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Wee ni kichimbi …

yenyewe ni vizuri wakutane wasije “wakajuana” kama @The_Atheist na Magiri the Corinthian…

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It must have been a sub-concious thing lakini i had not conciously thought about my thread in relation to @The_Atheist`s listing! Mmmmhhhhh…

I have no comment here, nilizaliwa one man hivi hivi. Maybe the big reason why mi ni yule mnono.

Kids have no problem…assuming theyve not been corrupted by their mothers.

Isn’t it time for the mommas too to meet? Hire a Nissan van and tell each you want to take her and her kids out, but also with some family friends. Uzunguke hizo mitaa tatu ukiwapick. When the nissan fills up, jua umewapick wote. Head to an open ground where escape is easy. When you alight, say these words:

Behold, my beloved family.

Observe their reaction. If things are thick, run. If not, consider the possibility of a 4-some.


Uko na vichekesho…
But its not funny on the ground since they all consider themselves as each other`s homewreckers and they have never even acknowledged each other on a friendly term before so i gave up trying to make them grow u and be friends and i am also guilty of taking advantage of them at some given time or the other which ended up creating even more kids not to mention the animosity between them.
But like @Davidee said,its all about the innocent kids and i am positive that i have a duty before God and Man to introduce them to each other irrespective of their mothers wills.

Its very simple bro. Kids have no beef. Just take them out for lunch, then drop it like its hot. They will be very exited. Shida no the mothers. They will for ever poison the kids mind trying to score a fast one against each other. Show egual concern and care to all regardless of what themamas say. Time a I wish kids grew on trees.

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Ive got three sets of kids meaning from three different women for in total ånd i made an effort to introduce them at tender age sahii watoto wote naishia nawo shule zikifunga wanaenda kusalimia mama zao,the thing is to cultivate å cordial relationship with those mamas before the poison your kids against you.

so the stories i have heard about ‘you people’ are true?

Watoto huwa hatuwachi mabibi ndio huwa tunawacha.

Hio ni hard ku ignore the mothers en place watoi pamoja, kids wil get along fine. But 4 the mothers, u’re finished coz to them they’re equal, ukitoboa hio vita, weka mbisha kama sio RIP luwere

@Ka-Buda really do you ever start something and accomplish it ama ni mara hii ama ingine no wonder you have so much drama in your life.


kama si kuwagawia mali unawaleta pamoja wa nini. Unatafuta shida jamaa. They dont share your fantasies.

wewe kabuda by any chance wewe ni pastor?

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How old are the kids?

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…like u have just said i haven’t walked in ya path so i don’t know ya journey.
All the same am wishing journey mercies

A good idea. Tois are purely innocent. Give them equal attention. All the best.

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